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After the Brown v. Board of Education ruling which ended US segregation, the governor of Arkansas surrounded an all white high school with National Guard troops. President Eisenhower responded by nationalizing the Arkansas National Guard

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It wasn"t until Bill Clinton's 1982 campaign for re-election as Governor of Arkansas that Hillary Rodham began to use the name Hillary Rodham Clinton.

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  1. Before Monica Lewinsky, Governor Bill Clinton and his wife Hillary appeared on 60 minutes to discuss Gennifer Flowers. Both repeatedly deny Bill having had an affair with Flowers. Clinton would later admit he and Flowers did have an affair while he was governor of Arkansas. [1992]

  2. Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas, was once duped into congratulating Canada for preserving our national igloo.

  3. Arkansas civil rights activist Robert McIntosh hung himself on a cross set up outside of the Governor’s Mansion in order to protest the administration’s racism. When Governor White was asked why there was a man hanging outside of his house, he simply responded, “He displeased me.”

  4. The governor of Arkansas signed an order to execute 8 men in 10 days starting next week, due to the expiration of one of the sedatives used.

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