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Then-candidate Richard Nixon sabotaged a peace deal that would have ended the Vietnam War because he thought an end to the war would have turned the 1968 election in favor of Democrat Hubert Humphrey.

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In order to keep the title "Democratic", North Korea holds elections every 5 years in which the ballots list only one candidate.

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  1. Abraham Lincoln, who ran as a Republican during the era of Whigs and Democrats, was America’s last third-party candidate to successfully win the presidency.

  2. In the 2nd U.S. Presidential election, both major parties, the Federalists and Democratic-Republicans, nominated George Washington as their candidate.

  3. Michael Jordan was once asked why he wouldn't endorse black democratic candidate Harvey Gantt in a North Carolina senate race, to which Michael Jordan responded, "Republicans buy shoes too".

  4. The organization that runs U.S . presidential debates is independent of the government and owned by the Republican and Democratic Parties. It has been criticized for negotiating secret contracts between candidates, excluding third parties, and "perpetrating a fraud on the American voter."

  5. Presidential candidate Andrew Jackson was the first Democrat ever to be associated with the donkey symbol. His opponents during the election of 1828 tried to label him a "jackass" for his populist beliefs. Jackson was entertained by the notion and ended up using it on his campaign posters.

  6. When Andrew Jackson was the first candidate to run for president in the Democratic party, his opponents called him "Jackass". He liked this name and used a jackass as a symbol for the democratic party

  7. There is a man named "Vermin Love Supreme" who is currently a Democratic Party candidate for President. He is "known for his boot hat," and - if elected president - promises a free pony to every American, and to make brushing teeth mandatory.

  8. That, while campaigning for U.S. president in 1896, Democratic candidate William Jennings Bryan gave over 500 speeches in 100 days, including 36 speeches in one day at St. Louis. He explained his hoarse voice by saying he had left his real voice behind, where it was still rallying the people.

  9. At the 1972 Democratic Convention, the delegates were so fed up with party infighting, that many voted for joke candidates for Vice President, including Mao Zedong, and Archie Bunker.

  10. In the 1946 Californian gubernatorial election, incumbent governor Earl Warren was nominated as the candidate of the Republican, Democratic, and Progressive parties. He was reelected with 91.64% of the vote.

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After Democrats and Republicans, the longest continually active political party in the United States is the Prohibition Party, which was founded in 1869 and has run a candidate for president in every election cycle since.

Third party candidates must get approval by the Commission on Presidential Debates, which was created and controlled by both the Democratic and Republican party. - source

The Niagara Movement dissolved due to politics. Du Bois supported Democrat candidate William Jennings Bryant in the 1908 presidential election, but the rank and file of the organization, like most black Americans at the time, supported Republican William Taft, who won the election.

William J. Bryan, a Democratic candidate in the 1896 Presidential election, who ran against McKinley. McKinley was elected into office to keep Bryan from regulating monopolies and from regulating campaign contributions. Bryan was branded as a Socialist and lost the election.

The Democratic Party didn't run a candidate in 1872, and instead endorsed the Liberal Republican Party. - source

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The Mugwumps were political activists who bolted from the Republican Party by supporting Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland. They rejected James G. Blaine's financial corruption and switched parties. The Mugwumps swung New York state and the election.

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During the 1876 presidential election, after an Oregon elector was deemed inadmissible because he held elected office, he was replaced by an elector who voted for Democrat candidate Samuel Tilden, although future president Rutherford B. Hayes won the majority of votes in the state.

The 1906 New York governor's race was wide open as it was an open seat. Although New York leaned heavily Republican at that time, the Democrat candidate was media tycoon William Randolph Hearst. Hughes was able to overcome Hearst's money and media through endorsements and support by President Roosevelt and other prominent New York Republicans.

The first ever democratically elected female president, Vigdís Finnbogadóttir, was a divorced single mother reluctant to even candidate in the first place, later reelected three times until she decided not to run again.

The second incarnation of the UK's Social Democratic Party was dissolved after a 1990 by-election in Bootle, wherein its candidate got fewer votes than the candidate of the Official Monster Raving Loony Party.

1000% is a sarcastic phrase meaning "insincere exaggeration" following 1972 Democrat candidate George McGovern's assertion he was 1000% behind his VP candidate. He dropped him few weeks later due to revelations of electroshock therapy

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Pigasus, a domesticated pig, ran as a candidate in the 1968 Democratic primaries. During a campaign rally, Pigasus (and numerous members of the Youth International Party) were arrested by Chicago police for disturbing the peace. Pigasus and the others were put on trial for the alleged crimes.

In the 2000 United States Senate election in Missouri, Republican candidate John Ashcroft lost to Democratic candidate Mel Carnahan, who had died weeks prior to election day

Before the 1972 New Hampshire Democratic Primary, a letter was released indicating that candidate Edmund Muskie held a prejudice against French Canadians. The letter which ended Muskie's run was later found to be forged by the Nixon campaign, which saw Muskie as their strongest opponent.

During the 1864 U.S. Presidential Election, although a Democrat, Johnson ran as Lincoln's vice presidential candidate on the "Union Ticket."

A man ran for an EU seat under the party name "Literal Democrats" and received more than ten thousand votes, much more than the margin of seven hundred votes that the Liberal Democrat candidate lost by.

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The 1974 New Hampshire Senate election was decided by just two votes in favor of the Republican candidate. A special election held the following August to resolve the dispute saw the Democratic candidate win by 28,000 votes.

In 1938 the city of Milton, Washington elected a Republican named Boston Curtis to a local office—only to find out later that the candidate was actually a mule put on the ballot by the town's Democratic mayor.

Democratic Candidates John C. Breckinridge (1860) and George B. McClellan (1864) used the terms "Idiot" "Yahoo" and "The Original Gorilla" to describe their opponent, Republican Presidential Candidate Abraham Lincoln.

The daughter of the Democratic candidate who lost to Warren Harding in the 1920 Presidential election is still alive, and that she inherited a fortune worth $16 billion from her father

Mugwumps were Republicans who bolted from the Republican Party to support Democratic candidate Grover Cleveland instead of Republican candidate James G. Blaine in the presidential election of 1884.

There have been 3 US Presidential Elections where one candidate has run unopposed. The last was in 1820, when President James Monroe received all but one electoral vote, which went to fellow Democratic-Republican John Quincy Adams

In 2011, Democratic Presidential Candidate Vermin Supreme promised free ponies for all Americans. His Federal Pony Identification Program would require all citizens to have their pony with them at all times.

During the 1836 election, Virginia's entire 23-man electoral delegation faithlessly voted against victorious Democratic Party Vice Presidential Candidate Richard Mentor Johnson[2] due to Johnson's openly admitted, publicized, long-term "interracial" relationship with his octoroon slave, Julia.

Hunter S Thompson, while on the Democratic party '72 pres election frontrunner's train once "loaned" his press pass to a drunken psychotic who started fights, heckled the candidate and grabbed his leg during a speech demanding "another drink, you worthless old fart!"

The Election of 1912, there were four candidates for President: Republican William Taft, Theodore Roosevelt (Bull Moose Party), Eugene V. Debs (Socialist), and Woodrow Wilson (Democrat).

In 2006, Ned Lamont won the Democratic primary election for US Senate in Connecticut, defeating then-incumbent Joe Lieberman. However, Lieberman then ran as an Independent and won the general, defeating both Lamont and the GOP candidate. Lamont is now Governor of Connecticut as of January 2019.

Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley, former mayor of Baltimore, told the creator of The Wire if he didn't portray the city in a more positive light, he would make it so the show couldn't film in Baltimore.

In 1968 a hog named Pigasus the Immortal was named a candidate for President at the Democratic National Convention.

Truman, a sitting president in his first term offered to run as Eisenhower's Vice President on the democratic ticket. Their mutual concern: Stopping a potential “incompetent”, “ruthless and ambitious” candidate considering running on the GOP ticket: McArthur

In the 1994 European Parliament elections in the UK, the Liberal Democrats lost a seat because a man ran under the "Literal Democrat" ticket and won 10,000 votes. This in part helped lead to an act in 1998 that prohibits candidates from using confusing language in their campaigns.

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