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Alabama governor George Wallace, known for his pro-segregation stance which he later recanted, appointed more black members to state positions during his final term than any other governor in the state to this day.

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Know as being politically pragmatic, Catt would tailor her pro-suffrage speeches in southern states to appeal to appeal to pro-segregation attitudes.

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  1. After pro-segregation George Wallace was shot and paralyzed while campaigning for the 1972 Democratic Presidential nomination, he was visited in the hospital by Shirley Chisholm, an African-American woman also running for the nomination, who felt it was the humane thing to do

  2. A pro wrestler, "Sputnik" Monroe, helped end segregation in 1950s Memphis

  3. The last time a 3rd party presidential candidate got electoral college votes was 1968--when George Wallace ran on a pro-segregation ticket and won 43 (of 538 total) votes in the south

  4. The last 3-rd Party Candidate to win a state in the US presidential election was George Wallace,who ran on a pro-segregation platform in 1968.

  5. Along with Ella Baker and Robert Parris Moses, Hamer formed the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party in 1964 as an alternative to the pro-segregation Democratic Party of Mississippi.

  6. Strom Thurmond, A former Governor of South Carolina who was know for he's pro-racial segregation policies, A senator for 48 years and a USA Presidency candidate who ran to oppose President Harry S. Truman order the end of racial discrimination , had a black daughter.

  7. Gandhi was actually a Statist who supported the Caste system and was for pro-segregation.

  8. Despite only getting 2.4% of the vote nationwide, only 7 votes in New Hampshire, and not even appearing on the ballot in 31 states, Governor Strom Thurmond still received 87% of the vote in Mississippi and 79% of the vote in Alabama while running on the pro-segregation Dixiecrat ticket in 1948.

  9. The only American general officer to resign in the 20th Century tried to influence the votes of his troops, lead a pro-segregation riot, was implicated in attacks against Adlai Stevenson, distributed pamphlets accusing JFK of treason and was nearly assassinated by Lee Harvey Oswald.

  10. President Kennedy probably lost the popular vote but still won the electoral college, due to odd pro-segregation politics in Alabama

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