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President LBJ thought Nixon's back-channel communications to S.Vietnam government were treasonous (Nixon secretly told the S.Vietnamese to stop the Vietnam War peace talks with President LBJ, and wait until Nixon gets elected to get a "better deal".)

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President Nixon interfered with Vietnamese peace talks in order to get elected.

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  1. Richard Nixon sabotaged Vietnam peace talks to give himself a better chance in the 1968 U.S. Presidential election, prolonging the war by 5 years.

  2. Richard Nixon sabotaged Vietnam peace talks in order to give himself a better chance at winning the 1968 Presidential election, prolonging the war by 5 years.

  3. Richard Nixon derailed peace talks that may have ended Vietnam in 1968 so he could win that year's election

  4. During his campaign, Richard Nixon committed treason and prolonged the Vietnam War by back-channeling to stop peace talks until he was elected. President Johnson found out but couldn't go public, his intel was from illegal CIA wiretaps.

  5. In a speech about peace talks with Japan after WWII, the Sri Lankan Finance Minister refused reparations even though their economy was damaged by the Japanese because he believed 'hatred ceases not by hatred but by love'. The speech was met with resounding applause

  6. Richard Nixon sabotaged the Paris Peace Talks, prolonging the Vietnam war by telling South Vietnam they would have a better deal when he was president. He then used the failure as an integral part of his campaign. His opponent knew the whole time.

  7. The Paris Peace talks involving North and South Korea back in 1968 were stalled because neither country could agree on the shape of the negotiating table.

  8. Ho Chi Minh joined the Nguyen Ai Quoc Vietnamese Nationalist group. This group fought for Vietnamese people's civil rights. During their fight for rights of the Vietnamese people they went to the Versailles Peace Talks but did not meet with success.

  9. Uganda’s first female minister almost negotiated peace with Kony in the 90s before the president derailed talks.

  10. 69 years ago on 2/28, up to 30,000 civilians were estimated to have been massacared in Taiwan by the Chinese gov in response to an anti-gov uprising. Also known as the '228 Incident', it was taboo to talk about for decades until publicly addressed in 1995. Now commemorated as Peace Memorial Day.

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Doug Hegdahl pretended to be an illiterate fool when he was a POW. He was given free reign in the prison because he was considered so stupid. He ended up being released and was sent to the Paris Peace talks.

That, in 2009, thousands of women in Kenya went on a seven-day sex strike in protest of political instability. The strike was successful and ended in peaceful talks, because, above everything else, sex matters the most. - source

President Carter persuaded Israeli prime minister Begin to accept the Camp David Accords between Egypt and Israel by handing him photos of his grandchildren labelled with their names. The emotional men talked quietly about grandchildren and war before Begin accepted the peace agreement - source

The 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami actually caused ceased firing and eventually even peace talks between the Indonesian military and Acehnese separatists.

Stephen Hawking's computer voice was featured in Pink Floyd's "Keep Talking", Rest in peace. - source

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In 1767 two warring African tribes met for peace talks on a ship owned by the British, who had guaranteed their safety. But the British were in cahoots with one tribe, and sold the other tribe into slavery.

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Gorbachev was quoted as requesting "Star Peace and not Star Wars" when talking about missile defense systems.

Gary Powers, an American pilot who in 1960 flew a U-2 recon plane over the USSR that was shot down just days before USSR and US peace talks. His capture would not only worsen relations, but accelerate the construction of the Berlin Wall

Inspired by Korean Peace Talks and the handshake of the two Korean leaders, Taiwan President Chen Shui-bian invited Chinese President Jiang Zemin to take part in a similar peace-making effort across the Taiwan Strait but China quickly rebuffed Chen's overture

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Former Secretary of State and Nobel Peace Prize winner Henry Kissinger sabotaged Vietnam peace talks so Nixon could win the election. The war would continue for 5 more years.

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