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In 2004 a French fishing trawler was lost with all hands when a suspected nuclear submarine became entangled in its nets

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Sailors of the submarine USS Wahoo sunk a fishing trawler with molotov cocktails.

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  1. The UK and Iceland were involved in a series of armed trade disputes over fishing rights between 1958 and 1976, which escalated to the point of an Icelandic gunboat shelling a British trawler. The conflicts only ended once Iceland threatened to drop out of NATO.

  2. A Russian Fleet mistakenly attacked 48 fishing trawlers off the English Coast during the Russo-Japanese war due to "the possibility that the Japanese might surreptitiously have sent ships around the world to attack". In the ensuing panic, several of the Russian ships fired on each other.

  3. The Nomura's Jellyfish grows up to 2 m (6.6 ft) in diameter and weighs up to 200 kg (440 lb). In 2009, a 10-tonne (11 ton) fishing trawler, the Diasan Shinsho-maru, capsized off Chiba on Tokyo Bay as its three-man crew tried to haul in a net containing dozens of Nomura's jellyfish

  4. According to notorious Soviet dissident Vasili Mitrokhin, in 1972 a consignment of machine-guns, automatic rifles, Walther pistols, and cartridges were transported to the Official IRA under KGB supervision in an intelligence gathering vessel disguised as a fishing trawler.

  5. A a renegade trawler illegal fishing ship that was hunted by vigilantes for 10,000 miles / 110 days until it sank.

  6. Shifting sands and changing tides: A documentary on the fisherfolk of Goa's Calungute village, who describe how tourism and trawlers have eaten their fish, why many have left the trade, and how some continue to go to the sea

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