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Charles Joughin, Chief Baker on Titanic, helped passengers board life boats (forcibly boarding those who thought it safer to stay on the ship), drank a 1/2 bottle of liqueur, then threw chairs overboard for use as flotation devices, rode the side of the ship down while it sunk, and survived

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The only active ship in the US Navy that has sunk an enemy ship is the USS Constitution built in 1797

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  1. A man was found alive in an air pocket on a sunk ship after three days of no water, no food, and in pitch black.

  2. Low-background steel, which has not been contaminated by radioactive fallout from nuclear tests and is used in equipment sensitive to radiation, primarily comes from salvaged ships sunk before the Trinity test.

  3. Israel sunk an American naval research ship that was monitoring radio during the Six-Day war. Officially it was ruled an accident, although all survivors maintain that it was intentional.

  4. 15 year-old World War One Royal Navy officer Wenman Wykeham-Musgrave, having survived being torpedoed on three different ships within one hour, all of which sunk, swimming to each after abandonment of the last. Musgrave went on to survive the war and live a full life until 1989.

  5. A WWI submarine U-28 sunk after it was struck by an automobile which flew off a cargo ship it had just torpedoed

  6. North Korea claims to have sunk the heavy cruiser USS Baltimore and even preserved the ship that "sunk it" in a museum. The USS Baltimore was never deployed to Korea and was scrapped in 1972.

  7. In WW2, Allied forces sunk 3 ships carrying concentration camp survivors by accident, killing almost 10,000 survivors

  8. When the USS Simpson was decommissioned in September 2015, it meant the only United States ship still in active service to have sunk an enemy vessel was the 217-year-old USS Constitution

  9. The USS Constitution, a wooden frigate first launched in 1797 and still active for ceremonial and educational purposes, is the only active ship in the U.S. Navy fleet to have sunk an enemy vessel in combat.

  10. There is evidence that the British Admiralty deliberately send the luxury liner Lusitania into waters patrolled by German U-boats in the hope that the ship would be attacked and sunk with Americans on board, thus drawing the US into WWI. 1,198 people drowned, inc. many women and children

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Sunk capital ships in Europe; WWII; data from Wikipedia, probably missed a few; Tool is QGIS, coast from Natural Earth, Hillshade and topo from ETOPO1; Projection is Robinson, scal

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The members of the crew of the Essex, the ship that was sunk by a sperm whale (and inspired "Moby Dick"), were forced to resort to cannibalism to stay alive on their longboats. Toward the end, they drew lots to see who would be killed for the benefit of the others. Only 8 of 20 survived.

The French government bombed and sunk a Greenpeace ship while it was harboured at Auckland, New Zealand. A photographer was killed, and two French agents were apprehended. - source

A British soldier whose ship was sunk by a U-boat survived for 70 days at sea. After being rescued, he was sent back to England from the Bahamas on a cargo ship. It was hit by 2 torpedoes from a U-Boat as they were approaching the UK. There were no survivors. - source

In WWI, the Germans converted liner SMS Cap Trafalgar into an armed merchant cruiser, which they then disguised as the British liner HMS Carmania. Off the coast of Brazil, Trafalgar was attacked and sunk by a British ship. That ship was also an armed merchant cruiser; the real HMS Carmania.

Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi had secured free passage on the Titanic's maiden voyage but decided to take an earlier ship to catch up on work. Three years later he disembarked the Lusitania right before it was sunk by a German U-Boat. - source

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A man named Poon Lim survived 133 days at sea on an 8 square foot raft after his ship was sunk by a U-boat. To stay alive he drank the blood of animals he caught and at one point killed a shark with a jug of water.

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The RMS Olympic, sister ship to the Titanic, rammed a U-Boat and sunk it, making it the only merchant ship in World War I to have sunk an enemy vessel.

A man survived 3 days in an air pocket after his ship sunk in 100 foot waters, and was rescued by a diving team searching for bodies.

There was an abandoned Russian Cruise ship that refused to die, was left to float around the oceans, and may have sunk in 2013, but nobody knows for sure.

The Titanic captain Edward Smith had crashed another ship just seven months before the Titanic sunk

The only ship left in the US Navy that has sunk an enemy ship is 218 years old

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The RMS Empress of Ireland had a cat named Emmy. She never missed a voyage until May 28, 1914 when she refused to go aboard. The ship left without her and sunk the next day.

The "loose lips sink ships" propaganda campaign in WWII was not really designed to keep shipping information from German agents but rather to keep American morale up by not communicating how many US ships were being sunk by Germany

While 1500 people died on the Titanic, it isn't the worst maritime disaster in history. Almost 10 thousand people died when a German military transport ship was sunk by a Soviet submarine in 1945

In 1825 the Baron of Renfrew, one of the largest wooden ships ever built, set sail from Anse du Fort, Quebec to London, England. Her mission, to be scrapped for wood on arrival in order to exploit a loophole in British lumber tariffs. She sunk 650 miles offshore.

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About the El Cazador shipwreck, a single ship carrying 19 tons of Spanish silver sunk in 1784, causing Spain to give up Louisiana to France. Had this ship not sunk, the Louisiana Purchase never would have happened.

The sea route that Titanic sunk on should have been populated by many other ships, which could have saved victims of the sinking, however, ships transferred their coal to Titanic in port so she could make the date of her voyage, resulting in the area being virtually isolated when Titanic sunk.

There is a ship sunk just off the coast of Kent, packed with so much explosives if it was to explode, it would be the biggest non-nuclear blast in history

The Mallows Bay ghost fleet, a massive group of US WWI ships intentionally sunk in the Potomac River, about an hour's drive from Washington, DC. Along with other wrecks in the immediate area, some 200 ships dating back to the Revolutionary War can be found there, many visible from the shore.

U 1206 was a submarine that Germany’s top minds had produced a high tech toilet for which allowed them to flush while being submerged. Flushing was only allowed for specially trained sailors. On its first mission its captain flushed himself which lead to a malfunction and the ship being sunk.

During the Reign of terror in the French Revolution, suspected royal sympathizers were rounded up in groups of 300-400 people. The people were hog tied and placed on ships which were sunk at sea. Known as Republican Baptisms. 9000 people, mostly clergy, were estimated to have met this fate.

In many invasions, Vietnam successfully used a tactic where they first nailed poles underwater that were not visible in high tide, then would "calculate the time when the tide ebbs, and ensure the enemy ships are above the poles at this point, causing them to be impaled on the poles and sunk".

A Japanese sub was sunk by a US ship at Pearl Harbor an hour before the first attack would commence in December 7th, making the US the first to fire shots before the conflict between both nations.

The 21 US ships reported damaged or sunk in the Pearl Harbor attack, all but 3 were repaired and returned to service. One of those three was a pre-WWI dreadnought that the US used for target practice.

The Edmund Fitzgerald, a 730 foot lake freighter that shipped iron ore across Lake Superior. It was sunk by 35 foot waves in 1975, and the crew had not fully decomposed by 1995

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Titanic never sunk. Instead, it was her sister ship, the Olympic, and it was an insurance scam.

There is an area around the Outer Banks of North Carolina nicknamed "Torpedo Alley" where over 400 ships were sunk and 5,000 people killed due to German U-Boat attacks during WWII

Some people believe the Titanic was actually its sister ship, the Olympic, and was sunk intentionally for the insurance.

Many ships have sunk in the Bay of Biscay including the USS Californian in 1918, the SS Afrique in 1920, the U-667 in 1944 and the Soviet sub K-8 in 1970.

In 1915 Elbert and Alice Hubbard boarded the RMS Lusitania, leaving New York. 11 miles from the coast of Ireland the ship was hit by a German u-boat's torpedo and sunk. Elbert and Alice refused to be separated into lifeboats and remained together on the sinking ship. They both died.

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