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When the USS Simpson was decommissioned in September 2015, it meant the only United States ship still in active service to have sunk an enemy vessel was the 217-year-old USS Constitution

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The USS Constitution, a wooden frigate first launched in 1797 and still active for ceremonial and educational purposes, is the only active ship in the U.S. Navy fleet to have sunk an enemy vessel in combat.

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  1. The RMS Olympic, while transporting troops from US to France, encountered an U-Boat, which the captain decided to ram into, cutting it clean in two, making it the only merchant vessel in WWI to sink an enemy warship.

  2. The RMS Olympic, sister ship to the Titanic, rammed a U-Boat and sunk it, making it the only merchant ship in World War I to have sunk an enemy vessel.

  3. The USS Constitution, which was launched in 1797, is currently the only US ship in active service that has sunk an enemy vessel.

  4. A WWII U.S Navy zeppelin was restored. No vessel escorted by this blimp was ever sunk by an enemy submarine.

  5. Shinyō Maru was a Japanese merchant vessel during WW2. Thinking it was carrying enemy soldiers, the USS Paddle attacked and sunk it, later realizing there were 750 American POWs aboard.

  6. During WWI the only enemy vessel sunk by an american battleship was when the USS New York accidentally ran over a U-Boat

  7. The only commissioned US Navy ship that has sunk an enemy vessel is now the USS Constitution, which did so during the War of 1812.

  8. In 1942 the crew of a Royal Netherlands Navy minesweeper disguised the vessel as a large tropical island to avoid enemy detection, later surviving the entire duration if WWII.

  9. The hand-powered submarine that previously sank and killed its inventor was later raised and used again in the first successful sinking of an enemy vessel (the USS Housatonic in 1864) by a submarine in naval history.

  10. The Battle of Midway is the most decisive naval encounter in WWII. For the first time in history, the ships on each side never went within visual range of enemy vessels.

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Both the US and the Soviet Union used combat dolphins during the Cold War to detect submarines and underwater mines, plant explosive devices on enemy vessels, detect abandoned torpedoes, and spot suspicious individuals in harbors.

After the decommissioning of the USS Simpson in September, the only ship in USN service to have sunk an enemy vessel is the USS Constitution. - source

The interesting history of Rockall, a small islet in the North Atlantic, 240 miles west of the Outer Hebrides. It was fired upon in WWI after being mistaken for an enemy vessel, and was annexed by the UK in 1955 for fears the Soviets might build a spy platform on it. - source

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