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During WWII, L Ron Hubbard once led a 68 hour battle against two Japanese submarines which he claimed "definitely sunk, beyond doubt". An analysis later concluded that there were never any submarines in the area.

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Only once in history has one submarine deliberately sunk another submerged submarine

What is the name of the submarine that sank the lusitania?

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  1. A WWI submarine U-28 sunk after it was struck by an automobile which flew off a cargo ship it had just torpedoed

  2. In 1974 the CIA mounted a top-secret research project, "Azorian", to recover a Soviet nuclear missile submarine that had sunk in 1968 using a grapple secretly lowered from underwater, ultimately recovering about a 3rd of the submarine and two nuclear missiles from a depth of over three miles.

  3. Submarine Commander Eugene Fluckey, credited with the most tonnage sunk in WWII, incl. a Carrier and leading men on land to blow up a train. He got 4 Navy Crosses, the Medal of Honor, his boat got several Presidential Unit citations and not one of his men got a Purple Heart.

  4. HMS Thetis has the rare and unwanted honor of a submarine to have twice sunk and killed her crew. She sank during trials in 1939, drowning 99 men, before being raised and renamed. Sunk again during battle in 1943, her entire second crew was also lost.

  5. A Japanese submarine was sunk in WW2 because American sailors were throwing potatoes at it

  6. While 1500 people died on the Titanic, it isn't the worst maritime disaster in history. Almost 10 thousand people died when a German military transport ship was sunk by a Soviet submarine in 1945

  7. The SS Tullibee, US WWII submarine that sunk itself when the torpedo it fired made a full circle and came back around to strike the submarine. There was 1 survivor.

  8. U 1206 was a submarine that Germany’s top minds had produced a high tech toilet for which allowed them to flush while being submerged. Flushing was only allowed for specially trained sailors. On its first mission its captain flushed himself which lead to a malfunction and the ship being sunk.

  9. The five Japanese submarines in the Pearl Harbor attack, only one made it to Pearl but was quickly sunk without hitting any target. Three others were sunk as they tried to enter Pearl Harbor, and the fifth washed ashore where its only surviving crewman was the first WW2 POW at American hands.

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During the Battle of Saipan, plague-infested fleas were intended to be used against American combatants. However, the Japanese submarine carrying the fleas was sunk by the American submarine Swordfish off Chichi Jima

German Submarine U-864 is the only submarine that has actually been sunk by another submarine deliberately while both were submerged. - source

A WWII U.S Navy zeppelin was restored. No vessel escorted by this blimp was ever sunk by an enemy submarine. - source

Nathan E. Cook, born in 1885. He joined the US Navy 1901, serving in the Philippine-American war, Boxer Rebellion, US-Mexican Border War, sunk 2 submarines in WWI, and served in early WWII before retiring after 40 years at lieutenant. He died at 106 in 1992, nearly 100 years after his father - source

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When the Russian nuclear submarine "Kursk" sunk in August 2000, 23 men survived both the initial explosion that sunk the sub, and then survived a second explosion so powerful that it blew off the entire front of the sub. The men survived hours until the oxygen was consumed by a third accident.

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The Titanic's sister-ship RMS Olympic served in World War I by carrying 200,000 soldiers to and from Europe, and sunk a German submarine by ramming it

The U.S. battleship Maine sunk off the coast of Cuba on February 15th, 1898, killing 260 servicemen. It was believed that a submarine mine caused the explosion and sinking of the ship. This incident helped encourage the U.S. to go to war with the Spanish.

The H. L. Hunley, a CSA submarine during the American civil war, sunk twice during test runs, each time killing its entire crew. The second crew contained the sub's creator Horace Hunley, who went down with the ship

A Nazi Submarine was sunk close to Portland Maine in 1945

The Japanese submarine I-52; the only Japanese vessel to be sunk in the Atlantic during ww2.

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HMS Venturer is the only submarine to have ever torpedoed and sunk another submarine when both have been fully submerged

The Gotland class submarine, a Swedish vessel so stealthy that the U.S. Navy leased one to teach its commanders submarine detection . It successfully "sunk" multiple nuclear subs, frigates an one aircraft carrier during a training exercise.

The USS Barb. A WWII submarine that "sunk" a train

Sailors of the submarine USS Wahoo sunk a fishing trawler with molotov cocktails.

During WWII, an American Submarine Attacked a Japanese Convoy and Sunk a Transport Ship and Machine Gunned the Shipwrecked Survivors Believing Them to Be Japanese Soldiers but Instead Killed Mainly Indian POWs of 2nd Battalion Punjab Regiment - and Yet, No War Crime Charges Were Ever Filed

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Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley was the first in history to sink a ship in combat and sunk a 1240 ton ship, the USS Housatonic.

One of the few US Ships to be unharmed during the attack on Pearl Harbor was later sunk by a British submarine during the Falklands War.

In 1945 the USS Indianapolis was sunk by a Japanese submarine. 900 of the 1196 crew made it into the water alive. However, rescue did not arrive for four and a half days and only 317 survived. Some estimates say that 150, of those dead, were killed and eaten by sharks.

During the Second World War the Japanese navy attacked Sydney harbour with three midget submarines. Two were detected and sunk, while the third managed to sink a ferry. The whereabouts of this final submarine wasn't known until it was found in the harbour in 2006.

The Minerve and Eurydice, two French submarines of the same class. In 1968, the Minerve got mysteriously lost at sea with a crew of 52. To show his trust in these submarines, French president De Gaulle took a brief dive in the Eurydice. Two years later, she sunk too, killing 57.

During WWII the Japanese built two of what were then the largest submarines in the world, each capable of launching 3 attack planes when surfaced. After the war the U.S captured and sunk the subs to prevent them from falling into Soviet hands.

If the H.L. Hunley a U.S. Civil War submarine, sunk 3 times, found after 131 years and the reason for it's final sinking still a mystery.

Over 10,000 german refugees died (including 5000 children) on the ship MV Wilhelm Gustloff in the year 1945 in WW2. They were evacuating Germany as the Red Army approached, but were sunk by three torpedoes from a Soviet submarine.

100 years ago the most successful German U-boat submarine in WWI, U-35, sunk the British Lesbian in January of 1917. Then in WWII another British Lesbian was scuttled by the Vichy French on 14 July 1941

In 1942 a Soviet submarine managed to sink a German transport ship with 2.000 Soviet Prisoners of war onboard, killing them all, just for it to be sunk itself shortly afterwards

On the night the ROKS Cheonan was sunk by a North Korean submarine, it was engaged in an anti-Submarine warfare exercise with the US.

On July 14, 1942 a German submarine came within 30 miles of North Carolina, while patrolling the Allied shipping route, but was caught and sunk.

The only ship to escape the attack on Pearl Harbor unscathed, the USS Phoenix, was sunk in battle 41 years later by a British nuclear submarine.

Lt. General Dixon's Coin. Dixon was fighting for the confederates when he was shot in the leg, the shot hit his coin and saved his life. It was with him when his submarine sunk, and in 2004 it was found and placed in a museum.

In WWII the submarine USS Tang was sunk when struck by its own torpedo

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