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The Titanic had a much more successful sister ship called the "Olympic". It was the only merchant ship to sink an enemy warship during World War I, after it turned around and rammed a submarine that had tried to torpedo it. The sub sank after it was gashed open by one of the Olympic's propellers

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In the 1400s, China owned the greatest seagoing fleet in the world. But by 1525, all of China's "Treasure Fleet" ships had been destroyed at the urging of the political elite who had become alarmed at the rise of a newly rich merchant class.

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  1. In WWI, the Germans converted liner SMS Cap Trafalgar into an armed merchant cruiser, which they then disguised as the British liner HMS Carmania. Off the coast of Brazil, Trafalgar was attacked and sunk by a British ship. That ship was also an armed merchant cruiser; the real HMS Carmania.

  2. In 16th and 17th Century Denmark, merchant ship captains had to pay a toll based on the value of the goods on the ship. The value was declared by the captain. The Danish authorities could take the value based toll (1-2%) or opt to buy the cargo for the declared value.

  3. The RMS Olympic, sister ship to the Titanic, rammed a U-Boat and sunk it, making it the only merchant ship in World War I to have sunk an enemy vessel.

  4. Shipping is the most important industry in Greece. Greek shipping companies control the world's largest merchant fleet of over 5000 ships including, among others, 1/3 of world's tankers and 1/4 of all bulk carriers by tonnage. Greek flag is the first-most-used internationally for shipping.

  5. There was a Confederate ship that circumnavigated the world attacking Union merchant ships. It did not have a single war causality and eventually surrendered in Liverpool, England after the Civil War ended

  6. On May 19, 1713, two hundred citizens rioted on the Boston Common due to a food shortage in the city. They later attacked the ships and warehouses of wealthy merchant Andrew Belcher, who was exporting grain to the Caribbean for higher profits. The lieutenant governor was shot during the riot.

  7. Before becoming famous for carrying the pilgrims to America; the Mayflower was a merchant ship that transported wine, cognac and vinegar between France and Spain

  8. During WW1 to get around British blockades the German Lloyd company built a merchant submarine to trade with then neutral America. It made 2 trips before America entered the war after which it was converted to a warship and went on to sink 42 ships on 3 patrols.

  9. In 1610 Henry Hudson was provided with a ship called the Discovery by English merchants. During this voyage he reached Hudson Strait and Hudson Bay.

  10. The Black Death of the 1300s was brought to Europe by the Mongols. They were besieging an Italian trading post in the Crimea when it broke out among the Mongols. The besieged Italian merchants fled by ship, carrying the disease westward.

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merchant ships fact data chart about 2342 Ships, 8.6+ million standard tons of shipping. Japanese
2342 Ships, 8.6+ million standard tons of shipping. Japanese Merchant Fleet Sinkings Dec 1941-Aug 1945.

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The first document anti-Vietnam War protest in America took place in 1945. The protest was done by Merchant Marine sailors who were protesting the government using their ships to transport French soldiers to the Indochina War.

The first telescopes were used by merchants to see upcoming trade ships in order to beat out the competition.

The SMS Cap Trafalgar; a German passenger-liner turned auxiliary cruiser during WW1, which was disguised as the British RMS Carmania to ambush merchants. With a stroke of bad luck, the first ship it came across was the RMS Carmania, which promptly sank it - source

As the single most important factor to the collapse of the Japanese economy during WWII, and one of the least publicized feats in military history, accounting for only 2% of the US Navy, US submarines sank 1/3 of the Japanese Navy and 2/3 of their merchant ships, more than 5M tons of shipping

About the earliest example of insurance fraud. In 300BC, Hegestratos, a Greek sea merchant, took out an insurance policy against his ship and its cargo. He planned to sink his empty ship, sell the corn and keep the loan. He was caught in the act by his own crew, and drowned trying to escape - source

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In WW2, the America branch with the highest casualty rate wasn't the Army Air Force, the Navy, the Coast Guard or even the Marines. It was the Merchant Marine. 1 in 26 sailors on cargo ships and transports died.

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Although Japan was at war with the United States after December 7, 1941 and targeted most merchant ships coming and going to the U.S. with its submarines, it was not at war with the Soviet Union until the very end of the war. Because of that, the Japanese often left Soviet transport ships unmolested.

He continued his travels by ship to the Swahili Coast and the island town of Mombasa and by 1345 he had arrived in Quanzhou, China where he was welcomed into the Muslim quarter by the local Muslim merchants

Inca emperror Túpac Inca Yupanqui allegedly contacted a people who came to the Americas on ships in 1480 "there arrived at Tumbez some merchants who had come by sea from the west, navigating in balsas with sails"

Many of the Spanish Armada's ships were former merchant ships that had been converted to battle ships.

A German U-Boat Managed To Reach New Zealand & Attempted Multiple Unsuccessful Raids On Merchant Ships Before Returning To It's Home Base. It's Presence Was Unkown By The New Zealand Government.

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In 1916, a German U-boat visited the neutral United States and sank six merchant ships off of Nantucket while American destroyers watched, unable to stop it

A French Admiral mistook British merchant ships as warships and retreated from a easy fight, only to later be captured after mistaking british warships as merchant ships

About Leo Gradwell, a WWII Royal Navy volunteer. He saved his lightly-armed ship and three unarmed merchant ships from German attacks by sailing north against orders, and hiding in thick Arctic ice by painting the ships white. His only navigational aids were a sextant and a pocket atlas.

Admiral Karl Donitz was convicted of war crimes at Nuremberg for ordering German submarines to target merchant shipping, but served no additional prison time for this charge because the Allies had also engaged in unrestricted submarine warfare

The last major outbreak of the black death in Europe was in 1720 in the port of Marseille, France. The merchant ship the Grand-Saint-Antoine was the culprit, and despite it having been quarantined, business men pressured the government to allow it into port because of its precious cargo.

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Poon Lim, the second steward of a torpedoed British Merchant ship, survived 133 days on a wooden raft that drifted in the South Atlantic. At one point, he survived by clubbing a shark to death with a jug half-filled with seawater.

In 1982, an intact 18th century British merchant ship was found under 175 Water Street in Manhattan, New York.

There are roughly 52,000 merchant ships trading via our oceans and seas, 11,000 of which are bulk carriers.

Switzerland, a landlocked country, has a merchant marine fleet consisting of 47 ships

The United States built more merchant shipping in the first four and a half months of 1943 than Japan did in the entire seven years of WW2.

In WWI a German three-masted sailing ship captured 16 allied merchant vessels in 1917

Sweden and the USA fought in a war together against muslim barbar pirates after they seized american merchant ships.

About Ching Shih, a pirate who commanded over 300 ships and employed 20,000-40,000 pirates. She terrorized the China seas in the late 19th century. She married her own son, and ultimately was captured. But, she wasn't imprisoned, and operated a fleet of merchant vessels for the rest of her life.

Maritime trade makes up 90% of global trade and is handled by 50,000 merchant ships.

Using the term "strike" to describe a work stoppage has its origins in the practice of English sailors in the 18th century who would "strike" the sails of merchant ships in port to prevent them leaving.

In the midst of a gunpowder shortage during the Revolutionary War, Henry Tucker, a Bermudan merchant, organized a gunpowder heist in St. George's that quadrupled Washington's supply. Conspirators moved 3,150 lbs from the magazine & the ship carrying the bounty was spotted on the horizon at dawn.

Approximately 220,000 merchant ships cross the Mediterranean Sea each year, some with hazardous cargo that would result in serious environmental damage if leaked.

The captain of German U-Boat SM U-35, Lothar von Arnauld de la Perière offered the crew of merchant ships to board their lifeboats and give them directions to the nearest port before sinking them

The War of Jenkins' Ear, a conflict between Britain and Spain lasting from 1739 to 1748. It was named as such because the Spanish cut the ear of Robert Jenkins, a captain of a British merchant ship.

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