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Ships sent to retrieve dead bodies of the victims of the Titanic disaster found so many bodies that they ran out of embalming supplies. They decided to only retrieve bodies of 1st class passengers due to "the need to visually identify wealthy men to resolve any disputes over large estates."

how could the titanic disaster been avoided?

The "Just Missed it Club," a group of people who, for one reason or another did not sail on the Titanic. One of these members was Alfred Gwynne Vanderbilt, son of the late shipping and railroad mogul Cornelius Vanderbilt. He died in the Lusitania disaster 3 years later.

What is the oldest age reached by a survivor of the titanic disaster?

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  1. Titanic was predicted to be a monumental flop. Even director James Cameron thought he was "headed for disaster" at one point during filming. "We labored the last six months on Titanic in the absolute knowledge that the studio would lose $100 million. It was a certainty," he stated.

  2. Fast-turnaround movies based on real disasters aren't new. The first film about the Titanic was released 29 days after it sank, starring an actress who was a real life survivor of the event. It is considered a 'lost film' after all copies were destroyed in a fire in 1914.

  3. The Titanic disaster was predicted 26 years earlier by a writer who died in it

  4. While 1500 people died on the Titanic, it isn't the worst maritime disaster in history. Almost 10 thousand people died when a German military transport ship was sunk by a Soviet submarine in 1945

  5. 844 people died aboard the SS Eastland because it had too MANY lifeboats. After the Titanic disaster, Congress passed laws requiring more lifeboats. This made the SS Eastland too top-heavy, and in 1915, it capsized before even leaving the dock.

  6. The Titanic sistership RMS Olympic was told not to go rescue Titanic survivors, as “it would cause panic amongst the survivors of the disaster to see a virtual mirror-image of the Titanic appear and ask them to board”…

  7. The Titanic disaster could have been avoided if they had the key to the locker that contained the binoculars.

  8. White Star Line, the company widely known for the Titanic had at least 5 other disasters with other boats. This includes another flagship hit by an iceberg, a navigation disaster that led to one of their ships sinking on her maiden voyage, & the disappearance of a massive cargo ship.

  9. All first class women except of four did survive the Titanic disaster. All children in first and second class did survive.

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What was the name of the book that predicted the titanic disaster?

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Violet Jessop, a nurse who survived the Titanic disaster, as well as accidents on the Titanic's sister ships, Olympic and Britannic

The SS Eastland disaster in which the ship was retrofitted with more lifeboats after the Titanic disaster. Ironically, the lifeboats likely made the ship more top-heavy lending to the ship tipping over. - source

In Chicago in 1915, the SS Eastland sank in 20 feet of water, killing 844 people. The disaster was caused in part by safety regulations put in place after the sinking of the Titanic 3 years earlier. - source

There are a pair of replica Titanics, 4 stories tall, that serve as museums to the disaster. They're in rural Tennessee and Missouri, amongst cornfields, 3000 miles from the disaster.

The first adult survivor of the RMS Titanic disaster to die was Archibald Gracie IV, who passed away of complications from diabetes 8 months after the ship sank. His last words were reportedly, "We must get them into the boats. We must get them all into the boats." - source

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The character Mr. Dawson in Christopher Nolan's Dunkirk was inspired by the real life Charles Lightoller. Interestingly, Lightoller was the 2nd officer on the Titanic and the most senior officer to survive the disaster.

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The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 resulted in an inquiry by the U.S. Senate. Eighteen days and 80 witnesses later, it was determined that there was no negligence under existing maritime laws and the disaster could thus only be categorized as an "act of God".

The popularity of James Cameron's "Titanic" created so much curiosity about the disaster that it caused the official transcripts of the 1912 Senate investigation into the sinking of the Titanic to be made widely available to the public for the first time in 1998.

The the ship builders Harland and Wolff insist that the Titanic was never marketed as 'unsinkable'. They credit people's interpretations of articles in the Irish news and Shipbuilder magazine with beginning the rumor. They also say that the myth got worse after the disaster.

Over 100 years after the Titanic disaster, icebergs still threaten ships. There is even a group dedicated to locating and tracking icebergs.

Despite being called the "Titanic of Asia", the collision of MV Doña Paz and an oil tanker had more casualties than the Titanic itself, making it the deadliest peaceful maritime disaster in history.

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The US Coast Guard International Ice Patrol was founded after the sinking of the Titanic, and returns every April 15 to drop bouquets of flowers at the site of the disaster.

A "shipwreck" worse than the sinking of the Titanic occured in Chicago, partially due to legislation passed in response to the Titanic disaster.

The Zebrugge ferry disaster, one of the worst maritime disasters since the Titanic killing nearly two hundred people.

An ocean liner called Titanic II is being built. It's intended to be a functional modern-day replica of the original. I also learned that this is the how the disaster movie Titanic II begins.

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About Madeleine Astor, a woman who lost her husband in the Titanic disaster, inherited $114m, was denied her heritage because she got married again, divorced from her second marriage to marry an abusive italian, only to be sent to jail for bigamy and die from an overdose at 47 years old.

That, On April 15, the biggest happening took place, 1. Death of Abraham Lincoln 2.The sinking of Titanic. 3. Boston Marathon Bombing. 4. The Hillsborough disaster (96 deaths). 5.Notre Dame Cathedral Fire.

The sinking of Britain's RMS Lancastria cost about three times as many lives as the Titanic disaster

On September 18th, 1980, Americans came very close to nuclear disaster. During maintenance on a Titan II missile in an Arkansas silo, an airman dropped a wrench, which plummeted 70 feet and punctured the missile, spraying rocket fuel everywhere. The incident was quickly covered up.

After John Law Hume, violinist on the RMS Titanic, was lost in the disaster, his family were sent an invoice for his uniform.

Chicago Tribune staff accidentally discovered never seen before photos of the steamship Eastland that capsized in 1915 (3 years after Titanic disaster) off the coast of Chicago due to being top heavy and causing the ghastly death of 844 passengers (more than Titanic)

The Titanic disaster was initially reported via telegraph dispatches as having no casualties and that all passengers were safe on board other vessels.

In ww2 the nazi's created a propaganda film based on the titanic disaster.

In 1915 the SS Eastland capsized in the Chicago river killing more people than the Titanic and Lusitania combined, but hardly anyone has ever heard of this disaster

The sinking of the titanic was predicted in a fictional book years before the disaster. The author was also on board when it sank.

The British film company ITC Entertainment was sunk financially, in part, after releasing the costly box-office disaster 'Raise the Titanic' [1980]. ITC's owner afterwards remarked that it would have been cheaper to "lower the Atlantic."

There's a conspiracy claiming that the RMS. Titanic did never sink. Supposedly, the ship that sank was her sister ship, the Olympic, that was damaged in an accident about a year before. That would make the disaster one of the biggest insurance frauds in history.

Guglielmo Marconi was booked aboard the Titanic and the Lusitania before their last voyages, however was lucky enough to not be on board before both disasters.

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