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Violet Jessop, a ship nurse. She served on each of the three ‘sisters’ Titanic, Britannic and Olympic. While she was on board, the Olympic collided with a war ship and nearly sank, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank, the Britannic hit an underwater mine and sank. Violet survived all three.

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Violet Jessop, “Miss Unsinkable,” the woman who survived the sinking of the sister ships the Titanic and the Britannic, and was also aboard the third of the trio of Olympic class vessels, the Olympic, when it had a major accident.

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  1. Violet Jessop - a stewardess and a nurse - who was aboard the oceanliner Olympic when it collided with a warship in 1911. She was also aboard Titanic (1912) and the Britannic (1916) when they sank. She survived all three events.

  2. Violet Jessop survived the sinking of Titanic, it's sister ship Britannic and the collision of a third sister ship Olympic

  3. On the 107th anniversary of the Titanic hitting an iceberg in the north Atlantic that one of the survivors, Violet Jessop, during WW1, was a Red Cross nurse, and was on board RMS Brittanic, a sister ship of the Titanic used as a hospital ship. It sunk after hitting a mine... she survived again.

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A stewardess Violet Jessop served on RMS Olympic, and the ship collided (yet she survived). Then she served on Titanic, and the ship struck an ice-berg (yet she survived). Finally during WWI, she served on Britannic, and the ship was sunk by a sea mine (and, yet she survived). - source

Violet Jessop survived three shipwrecks: The sister ships Titanic, Britannic, and Olympic

Violet Jessop, a ship nurse served on the Titan, Britannic and Olympic. The Olympic collided with a war ship and almost sank, the Titanic hit an iceberg and sank and the Britannic hit an underwater mine and sank. She survived all 3. - source

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