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In October of 1981, a soviet Whiskey class submarine ran aground on the south coast of Sweden. This incident became known as "Whiskey on the rocks".

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In 1881 an ice floe forced the Sharp's Island Lighthouse off its foundations, after which it floated nearly five miles down the Chesapeake—with its keepers still inside—until it ran aground, allowing the men to escape unharmed.

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  1. The Sentinelese, an uncontacted tribe (always attacking outsiders too close to the Sentinel Island), started to use arrows with metal tips rather than stone tips. It is believed that they have scavenged a ship that ran aground the island on 1981 and extracted its metal.

  2. The McKee Sons, a freighter that ran aground in the Detroit River on Christmas Eve while delivering almost 12,000 tons of coal

  3. About the Hojunmaru, a Japanese fishing ship with three survivors who ran aground in what is now Washington State in 1834, making the first recorded contact between Native Americans and Asians

  4. The Santa Maria did not make the return trip to Spain because it ran aground on Christmas Day. 40 men had to stay behind because there was no room on the other two ships. They stayed behind on the island Hispaniola.

  5. In 2009 the USS Port Royal ran aground on a coral reef in Oahu, Hawaii, the same day she left dry dock after $18 million in scheduled updates & repairs. Repairs to the ship from the incident cost the US Navy $40 million & another $15 million went to repairing the coral reef that was damaged.

  6. The Meduse, a ship with 400 passengers that ran aground. 151 of the passengers were forced onto a hastily built raft, and then abandoned at sea. After 13 days, only 15 men remained on the raft, after the others were killed by each other or storms. The men survived through cannibalism.

  7. The Prinzessin Victoria Luis, the first purpose built cruise ship, ran aground off the coast of Jamaica after 5 years of service. Unable to dislodge the ship, the captain went back to his cabin and shot himself.

  8. During WW2 a ship loaded with Scotch ran aground in the Outer Hebrides off Scotland. The local people promptly looted it before it could sink. The British government couldn't recover it and the local people had a fine ration free time until it ran out.

  9. In 1967 the supertanker SS Torrey Canyon ran aground off the coast of Cornwall, UK spilling 119,000 tonnes of crude oil into the English Channel - the UK's worst environmental disaster. The Government then ordered the Navy and RAF to scuttle the vessel by bombing it over the course of 2 days

  10. The fourth ship the William ran aground in a storm off Cape Cod and never made it to Boston Harbor.

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In 1981 a Soviet submarine ran aground on Swedish soil, the event was called "Whiskey on the rocks"

In 1996 North Korea accidentally ran their submarine aground in South Korea while trying to spy on them, and that South Korea subsequently caught and killed 24 of the 25 of the crew that had survived until then, who in turn had killed the people they deemed responsible for grounding it. - source

2001-2 was a bad year for the USS Greenville. In Feb 2001, it collided with a Japanese HS fishing boat, killing 4 students. In August 2001, it ran aground in Saipan. In January 2002, it punched a hole in another Navy boat. - source

The Honda Point disaster, when 7 new US Navy destroyers ran aground in 1923 due to poor navigation. 5 of the destroyers were lost and 23 sailors died.

The Honda Point disaster, the largest peacetime loss of U.S. Navy ships. On of Sep 8, 1923, 7 destroyers, at a speed of 20 knots, ran aground at Honda Point, on the coast of Santa Barbara County, CA. 23 sailors died in the disaster. - source

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Abraham Lincoln was the only president in the history of the United States of America to have a patent: Lincoln invented a device to free steamboats that ran aground.

In 1923, nine US Navy destroyers ran aground at Honda Point, near Santa Barbara, CA. Seven destroyers were lost and 23 sailors died in this peacetime disaster. Their navigation was based on and estimated position in heavy fog, and depth soundings, new technology at the time, were ignored.

When the 93-foot fishing vessel Predator ran aground in Alaska earlier this year, it was carrying 300,000 pounds of cod. All 300,000 pounds later had to be discarded after it became unfit for consumption.

A US guided missile cruiser ran aground in 2009

Abraham Lincoln was the only president to have a patent: a device to free steamboats that ran aground

The Irish Reality TV show cabin fever. Which just two weeks into the broadcast the ship the show was hosted on ran-aground and broke apart. The incident ironically was not filmed and coincidentally also happened on Friday the 13th.

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In Canada 4 friends ran aground on a small island. Despite sending their GPS coordinated to 911, confusion prevailed. The dispatcher ordered the friends to light a signal fire, though sent the wrong fire crew. The fire spread to the boat, killing 3, who would have survived otherwise.

B-class torpedo boat destroyer HMS SUCCESS ran aground on the coast of Scotland on 27 December 1914

The steamship Princess May ran aground in Alaska in 1910. Passengers and crew were unhurt

In 1833 a convict ship carrying women from England to Australia ran aground in Boulogne and all the 102 women and crew (except 3) drowned because the surgeons' wife wouldn't share a lifeboat with low life convicts.

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