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Cymothoa exigua - a parasite that severs the blood vessels of a fish's tongue and becomes a new functional tongue. Only known parasite to replace an entire organ.

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There is a small group of Filipino Marines living about a rusting grounded Ship in the middle of the South China Sea, they are the only thing that stands between ever pressing Chinese Fishing and Warship vessels from De facto control of the Area.

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  1. A parasite that severs the blood vessels in the fish's tongue, causing the tongue to fall off,then attaches itself to the stub and becomes the fish's new tongue.

  2. The Smallest Vessel to participate in the Dunkirk Evacuation was the 15ft Fishing Boat 'Tamzine'

  3. New Bedford Harbor, located in Buzzards Bay, is home to one of the East Coast's largest fishing fleets - estimated at 270 fishing vessels.

  4. During World War II Ernest Hemingway converted his 38 foot fishing boat "Pilar" into a U-boat (Nazi submarine) hunting vessel, equipped with a Thompson machine gun and hand grenades.

  5. The Discovery Channel has created a TV show called Deadliest Catch which captures the king crab and opilio crab seasons aboard large fishing vessels.

  6. The longest maritime pursuit in history took place in 2015 when two vessels operated by Sea Shepherd Conservation Society chased the pirate fishing vessel 'THUNDER' over 10,000 miles over 110 days until the captain of the vessel intentionally scuttled it off the African coast to destroy evidence

  7. The Lobster War, a dispute over lobsters between Brazil and France. The Brazilian government refused to allow French fishing vessels to catch lobsters 100 miles off the Brazilian coast, arguing that lobsters "crawl along the continental shelf", while the French sustained that "lobsters swim"

  8. The New Zealand Storm Petrel was thought extinct for 150 years until one flew into the wheelhouse of a fishing vessel crewed by a birdwatcher

  9. The crew of a Russian cargo plane once stole a cow for a food source for the flight. Mid-flight, the cow panicked, and caused stability issues for the plane. The crew threw the cow out of the plane where it hit a Japanese fishing vessel.

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fishing vessel fact data chart about Nationality of foreign fishing vessels docking in UK ports,
Nationality of foreign fishing vessels docking in UK ports, 2008-2015

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Foreign ports used by UK fishing vessels, 2008-2015

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Swallowed fish bones can puncture through the digestive system, requiring surgery to remove. In rare cases, they can also puncture surrounding organs and blood vessels, including the carotid artery and jugular vein.

The first victim of a hydrogen bomb was one of 23 irradiated fisherman onboard the uniformed Japanese Tuna fishing vessel the "S.S. Lucky Dragon #5", which was fishing just 14 miles outside the "danger zone" which was too small as the bomb exploding with a yield x3 times as large as expected - source

About the Dogger Bank Incident, a "battle" during the Russo-Japanese war where Russian navy shelled a small fleet of British fishing vessels, managing to sink 1 fishing vessel, and even mistook their own cruisers for Japanese ships, resulting in their battleship line shelling their own forces.

China operates a vast network of fishing vessels that form a maritime militia equipped and trained to conduct intelligence, communications, and targeting support for China's Navy. - source

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Famed surfer Duke Kahanamoku once saved eight people from a capsized fishing vessel by using his surfboard to reach the people and bringing them back to shore. The rescue would later cause lifeguards to begin to carry surf boards to save people.

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On July 30, 1956 The 30 foot troller (fishing boat) "Linda" swamped and sank. No one knew what happened to the vessel until a message in a bottle was found off of Yakutat, Alaska, USA a full year later.

When the 93-foot fishing vessel Predator ran aground in Alaska earlier this year, it was carrying 300,000 pounds of cod. All 300,000 pounds later had to be discarded after it became unfit for consumption.

The wreckage of the Andrea Gail, the fishing vessel that sank during 'The Perfect Storm,' story portrayed in both a book and motion picture film that occurred in October of 1991, has still never been found.

According to notorious Soviet dissident Vasili Mitrokhin, in 1972 a consignment of machine-guns, automatic rifles, Walther pistols, and cartridges were transported to the Official IRA under KGB supervision in an intelligence gathering vessel disguised as a fishing trawler.

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About Kiyoshi Kimura - A sushi restaurant chain CEO who helped reduce Somali pirates activity by giving them training in fisheries, initially sourcing them fishing vessels and networking them to the fishery distribution network. Ultimately helping them to become fishermen

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