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Charles Domery, an 18th century soldier known for his immense appetite. During his service, he ate dozens of live cats, pounds of raw meat and grass, and once tried to eat a companion's severed leg before it was wrestled from him.

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Charles Domery, a soldier of normal build, was so hungry that he surrendered to the French for food, ate 174 cats in 1yr & often 4-5lbs of grass a day, and after a fellow sailor’s leg was severed, he began to eat it. Even the prison gave him 10x the rations, but he still ate rats, cats & candles

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  1. A Polish soldier named, Charles Domery had a bizarre appetite were he never got full. He ate cats, leather, candles, grass, a human leg, and was never sick, and it is an unsolved medical mystery.

  2. Charles Domery, a Polish soldier of the 18th century, was recorded as having eaten 174 cats in a year

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