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During WW2, a bear named Wojtek was officially enlisted into the Polish Army, was trained to salute, and enjoyed drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. He is considered to be a hero of the war, and lives on emblazoned on the emblem of the Polish Army's 22nd Transport Company.

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Polish soldiers used a bear named Wojtek to help them carry ammunition during the battle of Monte Cassino. He was also officially enlisted as a soldier with the rank of Private, and subsequently became a Corporal.

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  1. That, during WW2, a brown bear earned the rank of Corporal in the Polish Army. The Poles adopted the orphaned cub during the course of the war, and named him Wojtek. The bear provided morale for troops, and had a penchant for cigarettes, booze and arm wrestling.

  2. A bear named Wojtek fought alongside the Polish army in Africa and at Monte Cassino

  3. In WW2 the Polish army had enlisted a bear to fight along them in the war. His name was Wojtek, and would carry ammunition.

  4. There was a bear who was raised by soldiers and helped in the Battle of Monte Cassino. Its name was Wojtek.

  5. During WWII the Polish army had a brown bear in their ranks named Wojtek who was promoted to Corporal. He fought in the battle of Monte Cassino alongside the Brits, saluted soldiers when greeted and enjoyed smoking cigarettes and drinking beer.

  6. A bear soldier named Wojtek enlisted in the Polish army and he often drank beer and smoked cigarettes

  7. The Polish recruited a bear named Wojtek during WWII into the Artillery Supply Company. His rank was corporal.

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