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Grizzly Bear #122 of Banff National Park - he is the largest bear in the area, has eaten a couple black bears, has fathered 5 cubs, and was hit by a train and lived.

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Winnie-the-Pooh was a real bear. A veterinarian purchased a black bear cub from a hunter on his way to WWI. He named her Winnie for his hometown Winnipeg. Before shipping off to the front, he left her at the London Zoo, where she caught the affection of Christopher Robin, author A.A.Milne's son.

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  1. Joanne Barnaby was being stalked by a wolf in the forest when she came across a bear that was separated from her cub. Exhausted, she decided to stand between the bear and her cub in the hopes that the bear would find the wolf threatening. It did, attacking the wolf while she escaped.

  2. In 2001, a lion cub, bear cub and tiger cub were found neglected in a drug dealer's basement. They have lived together ever since they were adopted by a sanctuary and are considered inseparable because of strong friendship.

  3. A group of firefighters buried themselves to survive a dangerous wildfire, then adopted a black bear cub who also survived and making him the real "Smokey the Bear."

  4. A pregnant American black bear can give birth without ever emerging from hibernation. She doesn’t even need to rouse herself to care for her young, instead she can nurse her cubs for months by drawing from her reserves of stored fat.

  5. A bear cub named Tahoe was found crying and hugging her dead mother and the rescuer, told by authorities to leave her alone, decided to save the cub instead.

  6. The story of Teddy Roosevelt sparing a bear cub is a myth, he just didn't want to kill it himself because it was bad sport. The bear's neck was cut open and they ate its paws that night for dinner with possum.

  7. There has never been a recorded instance of someone being killed by a black bear mother defending her cubs

  8. Christopher Robin was a real boy who befriended Winnie, a black bear at the London Zoo, named after Winnipeg, Canada, by a Canadian soldier who bought a real bear cub and took him to Europe during WW1.

  9. In 2001, a lion, tiger, and bear cub were found in a drug dealer's basement. They were moved to Noah's Ark sanctuary and have lived together as inseparable best friends ever since.

  10. There is a ritual among the Ainu people of Japan where they raise a bear cub as they would their own children. When the bear is older, it is taken to the centre of the village, pelted with arrows and finally killed at point blank. The flesh and blood is consumed and the skull is worshipped.

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A ritual by the Ainu people of Japan involved women in villages to raise a brown bear cub taking turns breastfeeding it for up to 2 years before killing and eating the bear.

A tribe in the Japanese Islands believed bears to be gods. They'd raise cubs as family members and even nurse the cubs from human breasts before sacrificing them at ~2-3 years old - source

Kinkajou has large eyes, small ears and short legs with sharp claws on the feet. It is also known as honey bear because it looks like a bear cub that likes to eat honey.

In 2011, a Siberian girl went hiking with her boyfriend and they were both eaten alive by bears. She survived long enough to call her mom and say goodbye, only for the bear to bring the cubs back and finish her off.

Pregnancy in females lasts between 5.5 and 8.5 months and ends with one to three cubs. Young bears are blind until the 42nd day. They completely depend on their mother during the first few months of their life. Mother sometimes carries her cubs in her front paws while walking on the hind feet.

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Female produces offspring once every two years. Pregnancy lasts 63 to 70 days and ends with 1 to 6 cubs (2 to 3 on average). Babies are blind and helpless at birth. They remain hidden inside a den until the spring.

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While most US presidents have had a pet dog while living in the White House other presidential pets have included bear cubs (Jefferson), fighting cocks (Jackson), tiger cubs (Van Buren), a pygmy hippopotamus (Coolidge) and a hyena (Teddy Roosevelt).

Cubs stay with their mother until they reach 2 and half years. Polar bears are slow breeders; they have 5 litters maximally in a lifetime.

Cubs can climb trees when they are young. After few years they will lose this ability because of their long claws. Bear's claw is long like human's finger.

Natural enemies of Asiatic black bears are tigers, wolves and brown bears, which prey on bear cubs.

Pregnancy in females lasts around 90 days and ends with one or two cubs. Babies are hairless, blind and they completely depend on their mother. Cubs will learn to walk at the age of two months. After 4th month they will include solid food in the diet and learn basic hunting skills from their mother. At the age of 2 years, sun bears begin independent life.

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That, during WW2, a brown bear earned the rank of Corporal in the Polish Army. The Poles adopted the orphaned cub during the course of the war, and named him Wojtek. The bear provided morale for troops, and had a penchant for cigarettes, booze and arm wrestling.

Black bears complete their pregnancy, give birth, and nurse their cubs all during hibernation.

The ritual "Iomante" among the Ainu of Japan involves raising a bear cub as you would your own child. When the bear is older, it is taken to the center of the village, pelted with arrows and finally killed at point blank. The flesh and blood is then consumed and the skull is worshiped.

A Canadian university is surrounded by wildlife such as deer, raccoons, coyotes customarily roaming local streets, and even a few black bears, sometimes mothers with cubs that wander into backyards

Pregnancy in females lasts 6 to 8 months and ends with 1 to 4 cubs (2 on average). Babies spend first few months of their life inside the winter den.

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Chef Eduardo Garcia received a bionic hand after losing his left arm when he prodded a bear cub laying on a concealed power cable. He says the accident helped his career as a chef. "I can grab things out of an oven and not get burnt. I don’t cut my fingers anymore."

Cubs will stay with their mother 2-4 years. She is very protective and if you come close to her cubs she can easily kill you.

Mating season is reserved for April and May. Female gives birth to 1-3 cubs in November or December. She takes care of them in a special "maternity dens" for three months. During that time, she doesn"t eat, drink or defecate.

Golden Eagles Can Kill & Carry Off Bear Cubs & Adult Reindeer Weighing More than 130 Pounds

Polish prisoners of war found a bear cub and raised it. The grown bear helped carry ammo at the Battle of Monte Cassino

Polar bears sometimes hunt and eat polar bear cubs

Mating season lasts from late spring to early summer, but females become pregnant when they enter hibernation. They give birth to 2 cubs few months before the hibernation ends.

Following a forest fire in Lincoln National Forest in 1950, a little bear was found trapped in a tree. This bear cub became Smokey the Bear.

Momma bears will sometimes eat their newborn young while giving birth if they are hungry or the cub is sick

Thomas Jefferson had once been gifted two bear cubs by Brigadier General Pike as a result of his travels through the then-Spanish territories.

Grizzly bear mothers sometimes gather with their cubs on playdates and hang out, perhaps as protection against males who kill cubs during mating season

Male interference in female reproduction is not limited to the human species. Male bears are known to kill cubs in order stop female bears from lactating thus jump-starting her ability to mate

The Original Mascot of Northwestern University, a bear cub, was banned after a losing season

There is a man who has raised a bear since it was a cub, its name is Brutus, and it lets its owner ride him like a horse

An Alaskan father and son shot a hibernating mother bear and shrieking cubs, but got no jail time.

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