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Tardigrades are tiny creatures that are capable of removing the majority of their body water, allowing them to survive in extreme conditions; atmospheric pressures of up to 600 times that of the surface of the earth, 300 degrees below zero and even the vacuum and radiation in space.

how long can a tardigrade go without water?

A Tardigrade, or water bear, can withstand temperatures ranging from -458 °F to 300 °F, pressure six times stronger than what is found in the deepest parts of the ocean, and can go without food and water for more than 10 years.

What happens when a tardigrade doesn't have any water?

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  1. The Tardigrade has survived all five mass extinction events, can survive in outer space, without food or water AND can be revived after 30 years of being frozen.

  2. The creature capable of surviving the coldest temperature on Earth and the creature capable of surviving the hottest temperature on Earth are actually the same creature: the tardigrade or water bear; they're also capable of surviving the radioactive vacuum of space

  3. Tardigrades can survive over 10 years in outer space without food, water or oxygen.

  4. There is evidence that the tardigrade (water bear) lived on Mars before it traveled to Earth on cosmic debris.

  5. A group of dehydrated tardigrades ("Water Bears") were taken from a museum sample of dried moss that was more than 100 years old and brought back to life.

  6. Tardigrades aka Water Bears are extremely durable microscopic animals that exist all over Earth. They can survive: 300 degrees Fahrenheit (149 Celsius), -458 degrees F (-272 C), the vacuum of space, pressure six times stronger than the ocean floor and more than a decade without food.

  7. Tardigrades are one of the toughest animals on Earth. They can withstand extreme cold and hot climates, lack of water for prolonged periods of time, vacuum as well as very high pressure and large doses of radiation.

  8. The Tardigrade, one of the most hardy creatures on earth. It can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures, high doses of radiation, can live for 10yrs without water and can even survive in the vacuum of space!

  9. A tardigrade (Water Bear) species, Neostygarctus lovedeluxe, is named after the Stand, [LOVE DELUXE] from Jojo's Bizzare Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, which in turn is derived from the 1992 album by Sade.

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The toughest beast in the world, Tardigrades, or water bears, are tiny invertebrates that can survive in temps of 151 c (304f), -272.8 c (-459f) and have survived 120 years without water

Land-dwelling tardigrades can enter a state called desiccation: they shrivel up losing all but 3% of their body's water, slowing their metabolism to 0.01% of its normal speed. In a normal state, they can live for a couple months. In a desiccation state, they can live for more than a decade. - source

Tardigrades are water-dwelling animals that can survive boiling water, solid ice, intense radiation and vacuum of space.They can survive a decade in a desert, without a drop of water to drink, or in the deepest trenches of the sea.

What happens when a tardigrade doesn't have any water?

The most resilient animal known on earth is the "Water Bear" (aka Tardigrade). It can survive extreme weather conditions for years, but its natural lifespan in "normal" conditions is only a few months.

How long can a tardigrade live without water?

Water bears, or Tardigrades, a species of micro-animal that can survive temperatures from -272C to 300C, without food or water for 30 years and even outer space

'Tardigrades' (aka 'Water Bears'), which are considered the toughest creatures on Earth, can withstand high levels of radiation, extreme heat/cold, lengthy dehydration and exposure to outer space atmospheres. They can also be resurrected.

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There is a genus of Tardigrades (water bears) called "Beorn leggi" the genus being named after the character Beorn from The Hobbit who was able to skin-change from man to bear

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