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Because of an old superstition, several ravens are kept at the Tower of London at all times. These ravens are enlisted soldiers of the Kingdom, and have occasionally been dismissed for bad conduct. While wild ravens live for 10-15 years, Tower ravens can live past 40 years.

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During the Vietnam War over 800 murders or attempted murders of superior officers by enlisted soldiers were investigated. The term 'fragging' was coined due to the popular use of fragmentation grenades to commit the murders.

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  1. The Tower Of London's ravens are enlisted as soldiers of the Kingdom. As in the case with soldiers, the ravens can be dismissed for unsatisfactory conduct. Raven George (Enlisted 1977-1986) lost his appointment to the Crown, and was retired to Wales for attacking and destroying TV aerials.

  2. Milunka Savic enlisted in the Serbian military pretending to be a man. She fought in WWI and was wounded no less than nine times during her service. She also single-handandly captured 23 Bulgarian soldiers.

  3. The Ravens at the Tower of London are treated as enlisted soldiers and have been discharged in the past for "unsatisfactory conduct"

  4. The youngest soldier in Korean War was Master Sgt. Gilbert Zamora, who able to enlist at 13 because he was already 6'2'' and weighed 195 pounds.

  5. Before the Emancipation Proclamation, Union commanders effectively "freed" Southern slaves they encountered by declaring them "contraband" and seizing them. The slaves were employed as non-combat laborers and given a wage and rations, and many later enlisted as soldiers in the Union Army.

  6. 250 Union soldiers surrendered to the Confederates, enlisted in the Confederate Army while held as POWS, were recaptured by the Union Army, and then re-enlisted as Union soldiers. They were called Galvanized Yankees.

  7. The youngest confirmed British soldier to fight in WWI was 12 years old. Sidney Lewis (b.1903) enlisted in 1915, and spent six weeks fighting on the Western Front before his mother found out and had him discharged.

  8. During World War 1, upwards of 100,000 Vietnamese soldiers were enlisted and fought along side the French in the battles for Europe.

  9. Britain's youngest ww1 soldier, Sidney Lewis, was just 12 years old when he lied about his age and joined the army. He and 13 year old George Maher both fought and returned home as did 1000s of other boys who enlisted to fight alongside their adult counterparts on the front.

  10. Polish soldiers used a bear named Wojtek to help them carry ammunition during the battle of Monte Cassino. He was also officially enlisted as a soldier with the rank of Private, and subsequently became a Corporal.

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Canadian soldier Leo Major captured German armour alone, blinded in 1 eye by a grenade, refused evacuation, captured 93 Germans under fire, gained a DCM, REFUSED out of hate for Montgomery, captured a city alone, (DCM#2) enlists in the Korean war, and captured Hill 227 (DCM#3)

The youngest person to win the Medal of Honor was actually Willie Johnson, who at the age of 11 years old enlisted as a drummer in The Civil War. During a retreat, most soldiers abandoned all equipment, but Johnson refused to leave his drum, the only one in his regiment to do so. - source

82.8 percent of U.S. military officers in 2010 had at least a bachelor’s degree, compared to 29.9 percent of the general population. 93.6 percent of enlisted soldiers had at least a high school diploma, compared to 59.5 percent of America. - source

In 1864 when the U.S. Army was short of men, President Lincoln wanted to encourage other “ineligibles” like himself to voluntarily hire a substitute soldier. To that end, he paid 19-year-old J. Summerfield Staples $300 (almost $5,000 in today's terms) to enlist in his place. - source

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Wojtek, a Syrian brown bear adopted by soldiers of the 22nd Artillery Supply Company of the Polish II Corps in WWII. He was officially enlisted as a soldier, and rose to the rank of Corporal.

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The oldest Civil War soldier to enlist was Curtis King, who was 80 when he did. He fathered 21 children, the youngest being 15 months old when he died in 1863.

During the American civil war there were 70 enlisted chinese and filipino soldiers in the Union Army

Sarah Edmonds, a Canadian-born woman who served in the Union Army during the American Civil War as a nurse, soldier and spy. She cross-dressed as a man in order to be able to enlist and complete missions against the Confederate army.

In the 90s, when Serbs in Bosnia and Herzegovina were protesting the presence of NATO soldiers, US officials enlisted the help of Hollywood to supply the programming of Baywatch TV show. Many Serbs, who might otherwise have hit the streets to fight, stayed in to watch young women in bikinis

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Feminists joined a campaign by far right nationalists to shame men into enlisting in the WWI effort. These public shamings even happened to soldiers who were only out of uniform, and even happened to a soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his service in Gallipoli.

Adam Driver was a US Marine that enlisted after 9/11 but was medically discharged before deploying to the Middle East, he instead worked with fellow actors to help portray the turmoil and issues fellow soldiers experience through theatre to soldiers with his theater troupe. Here is his TED talk

There was a bear trained ro help soldiers. In order to provide for his rations and transportation, he was eventually enlisted officially as a soldier with the rank of private, and was subsequently promoted to corporal.

The US military has minimum enlistment standards at about the IQ 85 level. There have been two experiments with lowering this to 80 but in both cases these men could not master soldiering well enough to justify their costs.

During WWII the polish army officially enlisted a Bear as a soldier with the rank of private, and was subsequently promoted to corporal. He helped move crates of ammunition and became a celebrity with visiting Allied generals and statesmen.

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Two US navy soldiers were arrested and tried for slashing and tearing down the flag of Nazi Germany at the flying from the German consulate in San Francisco. After Germany declared war on the United States one of the sailors was enlisted in the navy again.

About Wotjek (1942-1963) the soldier bear, who smoked, drank beer and carried 100lb cases of artillery shells for the Polish 22nd Transport Company’s Artillery Division, most famously in the Battle of Monte Cassino. Wotjek was formally enlisted during the war and rose to the rank of Corporal.

The Eggnog Riot occurred at the United States Military Academy on 23–25 December 1826. Whiskey was smuggled into the barracks to make eggnog for a Christmas Day party. The incident resulted in the court-martialing of twenty cadets and one enlisted soldier.

During WW2 the German armed forces gave what was essentially speed to fighter pilots, tank drivers, and other enlisted members. It worked incredibly well, up until the Russian invasion, where most of the soldiers under the influence of the drugs could not sustain body temperature.

Voytek - a Polish brown bear enlisted in the Polish military in WWII. He smoked, drank, once captured a soldier, and later carried artillery shells for the 22nd company during active combat.

During the War of 1812 America increased enlistment bonuses from $16 to $124. Desertion was at an all time high in 1814 as the increase prompted soldiers to desert from one unit and enlist in another to cash in.

The Glenanne Gang, a group which killed 120 Irish civilians in Northern Ireland. The gang was mainly made up of enlisted British soldiers and police. Many victims were killed in bombings on random Irish Pubs, while others were killed in their own homes or at fake police check points.

A bear soldier named Wojtek enlisted in the Polish army and he often drank beer and smoked cigarettes

About Kareem Rashad- after 9/11, he 'wanted to show not all Muslims were fanatics'. He enlisted in the Army immediately after graduating, and sent to Iraq in 2006. He, along with three other soldiers, were killed when a blast destroyed a house they were clearing. He was 20 years old.

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