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Poland's Boy Scouting association was transformed into an armed resistance force during WWII and fought in the Warsaw Uprising, assassinated SS officials, and liberated a concentration camp

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Polish Resistance hero Witold Pilecki got himself arrested in 1942 so he could report to the West about the truth of what was happening in Auschwitz. He later organized the Warsaw Uprising. The post-war Communist government suppressed all information about him until 1989.

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  1. Nazi Germany destroyed the city of Warsaw virtually completely following an uprising that resulted in the 500k citizens being taken captive. Germany had plans to turn the city into a manmade lake to erase it completely from history.

  2. On August 1st each year the people of Warsaw, Poland stop everything to pay homage to the Warsaw Uprising the largest rebellion of WWII. Which cost cost over 200,000 lives and destruction of the capital.

  3. In April 1943, Jews living in the Warsaw Ghetto started an uprising against the Nazis. The revolt ended a month later, resulting in the deaths of only 100 Nazis, and over 57000 Jews being killed during the Uprising or in the aftermath.

  4. On August 1st each year the people of Warsaw, Poland stop everything to pay homage to the Warsaw Uprising the largest rebellion of WWII. Which cost cost over 200,000 lives and destruction of the capital.

  5. Battalion Zośka was a Polish unit of former Boy Scouts who liberated a German camp with a stolen tank during the Warsaw Uprising

  6. The Warsaw Ghetto Uprising was organized by the ZOB (a name which means Jewish Fighting Organization), a group of young residents.

  7. Every year on August 1st at 5:00pm thousands od poles stop for a minute in total silence to pay tribute to the heroic warsaw insurgents. The Warsaw Uprising anniversary.

  8. In the Warsaw Uprising in WW2, Polish resistance fighters turned a Chevrolet chassis into an armoured car armed with a flame-thrower and a machine gun, and named Kubuś – the Polish translation of "Winnie the Pooh".

  9. The participants of the Warsaw Uprising get unlimited free rides for life from public transportation in Warsaw.

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On August 1st of every year, the city of Warsaw stops for one minute in honour of the Warsaw Uprising

In the beginning the residents of the Warsaw Ghetto did not believe the stories of extermination camps, but evidence and eye witness accounts proved it to be true. This led to the decision to fight back in what would become known as the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising.

At the time of the uprising there were only roughly 60,000 people remaining in the ghetto.

August Agbola O'Browne, a Nigerian jazz musician who emigrated to Poland in 1922 and fought against the Germans during the Invasion of Poland (1939) and the Warsaw Uprising (1944), making him the only black participant in those conflicts.

In 1970 the then Chancellor of Germany Willy Brandt fell to his knees in a spontaneous act of contrition towards the victims of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising - source

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People in Warsaw, Poland all stop for 1 minute on August 1st to commemorate the losses of the Warsaw Uprising.

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Klaudiuz jamiolkowski, who held a house against Nazi soldiers singlehandedly, smuggled weapons through Nazi checkpoints and, ran messages through the sewers during the Warsaw Uprising, all before the age of twelve

During the Warsaw uprising the soviets almost certainly avoided helping so that the Polish Home Army would be decimated and useless post war.

About August Agbola O'Brown, the only black soldier of Warsaw Uprising against Nazi Germany

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In 1945 polish soldier Kazimierz Moczarski was in prison with Jurgen Stroop - Nazi oficer who was responsible for crushing Getto Uprising in Warsaw. Later Moczarski has written a book based on his memories.

In 1943 a group of poorly armed Jews were able to hold off the Nazis in Warsaw for a month. It was the most effective Jewish uprising during the holocaust.

Sol Rosenberg isn't just a famous Jerky Boys character. It's also the name of a real guy...who's a Holocaust survivor who escaped Treblinka, went back to Warsaw, participated in the famous Uprising, was captured again, sent to Dachau and survived long enough to be rescued by Allied Forces.

In WW1, in Great Britain 250,000 boys under 19 managed to join the army. In WW2, child soldiers fought throughout Europe, in the Warsaw Uprising.

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