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A German officer in WWII ordered his soldiers to hold fire to allow the rescue of an American soldier who stepped on a landmine. When no one came the officer went to rescue the soldier but stepped on a landmine himself.

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When stepped on a landmine it never makes a soft "click" and explode after the pressure is lifted like in the movies. It explodes the moment you step on it.

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  1. Famous WWII era war photographer Robert Capa, known for taking close and personal shots of war, as well as given the Medal of Freedom by President Eisenhower. He died during the First Indochinese War, when accompanying French troops, Capa left to take pictures and stepped on a landmine.

  2. Roy Benavidez a US special forces op, stepped on a landmine on his first tour on duty in 1965 and was told he would never walk again. But while in the hospital he relearned to walk by crawling to a wall at night, on his own, and trying to stand. He returned to Vietnam in 1968.

  3. How to disarm a landmine, and not by stepping on it.

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