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In 1861, the entire student body of the University of Mississippi enlisted in the Confederate Army as a single company. They suffered a 100% casualty rate during the Civil War.

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The most decorated enlisted man in the British Army in WWI was a conscientious objector who never fired a single shot. He was a stretcher bearer who won the Victoria cross for charging into fire unarmed and carrying out 3 wounded men on his back

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  1. Harry S. Truman was so nearsighted, that he cheated and memorized the army's eye chart to be enlisted in WWI.

  2. During WWI, the Belgian King personally led the army, the Queen served as a nurse, and the 14 year old Prince enlisted as a private and fought in the ranks.

  3. When enlisting in the British army during WWII writer/actor Sir Peter Ustinov requested tank duty ''because you can go into battle sitting down,'' and as result his superiors concluded, ''On no account must this man be put in charge of others." so he was assigned to the infantry instead

  4. In 1787 a man was hanged for deserting and re-enlisting in the British Army 47 times, in order to get the large bounty obtained upon joining the army.

  5. In 1916, an amendment was proposed to the US Constitution that all acts of war first be put to a vote. The catch? Anyone who voted "yes" would have to enlist in the army.

  6. In the Batman films, Michael Caine based Alfred's voice on that of a Colonel he knew when enlisted in the army at 18 because the loyalty and sense of duty shown by Alfred to Bruce Wayne reminded him of the Colonel.

  7. "Operation Unthinkable". Winston Churchills plan to invade his Russian allies immediately after winning WW2. His plan was to enlist the help of the USA and the defeated German army.

  8. The actor who played young Forrest Gump ended up enlisting in the Army and going to combat just like his character

  9. About Yoshio Nakamura. An American Citizen of Japanese decent who was sent to an interment camp during WWII but enlisted in the army and fought in Italy to break the German line. He used his GI bill to earn a degree to become a teacher but school districts wouldn't hire him due to his heritage.

  10. Today in 1861, Sarah Seelye, at age 17, enlisted in the Civil War disguised as a man to escape an unwanted marriage. Ironically, part of her duties involved penetrating Confederate lines "disguised" as a woman. She deserted the army after contacting malaria and resumed life as a female in 1863.

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Before the Emancipation Proclamation, Union commanders effectively "freed" Southern slaves they encountered by declaring them "contraband" and seizing them. The slaves were employed as non-combat laborers and given a wage and rations, and many later enlisted as soldiers in the Union Army.

250 Union soldiers surrendered to the Confederates, enlisted in the Confederate Army while held as POWS, were recaptured by the Union Army, and then re-enlisted as Union soldiers. They were called Galvanized Yankees. - source

During the American Civil War, 14-year-old William Horsfall enlisted into the Union army as a drummer boy. While in battle, he ran into the battlefield amongst gunfire to save his captain, who had been shot. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for his bravery. - source

Harry Truman, before he became the President, tried to enlist in the Army. He was refused after an eye chart test determined him having 20/400 vision in the left eye (past the standard for legal blindness). He took the test a second time after memorizing the eye chart and got enlisted.

Stan Lee enlisted in the military after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Lee served during World War 2 in the Army Signal Corps from 1942 to 1944, first as a lineman before being moved to technical writing once the Army realized Lee’s writing skills. - source

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The entire student body of the University of Mississippi enlisted into the Confederate Army during the Civil War and suffered a 100% casualty rate.

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During WW2, a bear named Wojtek was officially enlisted into the Polish Army, was trained to salute, and enjoyed drinking beer and smoking cigarettes. He is considered to be a hero of the war, and lives on emblazoned on the emblem of the Polish Army's 22nd Transport Company.

Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was the Lieutenant-General of an authorized state militia that enlisted at least 2,500 men while the the United States army at the time consisted of 8,500.

The U.S. military uses a 'context-based' learning technique from the Mormon Church for teaching new languages to recruits in as little as 5 weeks, even the Army's Intelligence Brigade enlists former missionaries to fill its ranks.

The man who killed John Wilkes Booth was an eccentric religious fanatic who castrated himself before enlisting in the Union Army

Britain's youngest ww1 soldier, Sidney Lewis, was just 12 years old when he lied about his age and joined the army. He and 13 year old George Maher both fought and returned home as did 1000s of other boys who enlisted to fight alongside their adult counterparts on the front.

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Audie Murphy lied about his age to enlist in the Army during WWII and went on to receive "every military combat award for valor available from the U.S. Army, as well as French and Belgian awards for heroism."

The choice of enlisting in the Military to avoid jail time is expressly forbidden by the recruiting guidelines of the Army, Air Force and Marines, but not the Navy.

John F. Kennedy enlisted in the U.S. Army but was disqualified because of his back and intestinal issues (he had been treated for colitis growing up).

In the spring of 1781 Deborah enlisted in the Continental Army as Robert Shurtliff. She was 21 but she gave the age of 17.

In 1775 Aaron Burr put his law studies on hold to enlist in the Continental Army because of clashes in Lexington and Concord with the British.

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Thomas Sylvanus, a Chinese-born man who served in the American Civil War. Over the course of the conflict, he escaped enslavement to join the Union Army; re-enlisted twice, despite partial blindness; and survived nine months of imprisonment at the infamous Andersonville prisoner-of-war camp.

With Descartes" early desire to become a career military officer following earning his law degree, he enlisted in the Army of Breda in the Dutch Republic, under the command of Maurice of Nassau.

Director Oliver Stone enlisted in the U.S. Army during the Vietnam war and requested combat duty. For his service, he was awarded the Bronze Star with "V" device for his heroism in ground combat, as well as a Purple Heart with an Oak Leaf Cluster.

John William Boucher who served with the Union army in the American Civil War. 50 years later in 1914, at the age of seventy, he enlisted in the Canadian military to fight for his home country in WW1. He served for 10 months before being sent home after his age was discovered.

The most decorated enlisted man in the British army never fired a single shot

In WW1 the British army had special units, called Bantams, for men under 5'3" who would otherwise be too short to enlist

The British army refused to let Alfred Hitchcock enlist in their military because of his obesity

Deborah Sampson was one of few women who enlisted under a man's name to serve in the army during the 18th century and even removed a musket ball from her own leg with a penknife to conceal her identity

In 2002, Rapper, Canibus enlisted for the United States Army because he "wanted to get away from the music... I wanted to do something that gave me a separate definition from what I had done" In 2004, he was caught smoking marijuana and was subsequently discharged.

About Mathew Charles Lamb, a Canadian spree killer found not guilty by reason of insanity and who, after being released from hospital, enlisted in the Rhodesian Army on the advice of his psychiatrist, before dying in war

In the Emancipation Proclamation President Abraham Lincoln made it possible for African-American slaves to enlist in the U.S. Army. The War Department established the USCT (United States Colored Troops) five months after the Emancipation Proclamation took effect.

Hampton was forty-two with no military experience when he enlisted in the Confederate Army, but quickly advanced due in large part to his high social standing.

Although most wealthy southern men either enlisted in the Confederate army as officers or were exempted from service, Forrest enlisted with the Seventh Tennessee Cavalry as a private.

One brother out of Siamese twins was drafted by the Union army during the civil war. He did not have to enlist due to his other brother not being drafted. Later both their sons joins the Confederate army.

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