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The naturalist William Buckland spent much of his life trying to eat every animal possible to see how it tasted. He grew fond of eating Mice on toast, while His least favorite meals were that of mole, and bluebottle flies.

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William Buckland, Dean of Westminster. Who upon being shown a preserved piece of Louis XIV's heart exclaimed, 'I have eaten many strange things, but have never eaten the heart of a king before' and proceeded to eat the piece.

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  1. Her fame was such that William Buckland, geology lecturer at Oxford, frequently hunted fossils with her.

  2. William and Francis Buckland, eccentric father and son scientists who both developed the desire to consume as many different animals as possible. It is believed William Buckland also ate the heart of King Louis XIV. Charles Darwin called him a “vulgar and almost coarse man”

  3. During his study of Kirkdale Cave and its collection fossilized excrement, which he named coprolites, he determined that hyenas had inhabited the cave since ancient times.

  4. In 1813 he succeeded John Kidd as lecturer in mineralogy.

  5. His paper on Kirkdale Cave earned him the Copley Medal in 1922.

  6. William Buckland—a 19th-century geologist who was enamored with the study of fossilized dinosaur feces or “coprolites.” He loved them so much he had a table made from thinly sliced fish coprolites and would reportedly invite guests over to dine on it before telling them what it was made of.

  7. William Buckland, the first paleontologist to write accounts about fossil dinosaurs, was also known for eating uncommon animals. He claimed that mole meat was “vile” and reportedly ate preserved heart of a French king on an impulse, as he “[had] never eaten the heart of a king before!"

  8. Although the skeleton was found in the same strata as mammoth bones, he didn"t know how long humans had existed and presumed it was an historic burial.

  9. In 1840 he and Swiss geologist Louis Agassiz toured Scotland and found evidence of previous glaciation.

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He entered Oxford in 1801 to study for the priesthood but also took classes in chemistry and mineralogy.

In 1804 he earned his BA and his MA in 1808.

William Buckland was born at Axminster, England, where his father was the Rector of Templeton and Trusham.

Carbon dating has since revealed the skeleton to be that of a male approximately 33,000 years old.

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He believed that the word "beginning" in the Bible meant an undefined amount of time.

Buckland attended Winchester College where he won a scholarship to Corpus Christi College, Oxford.

His treatise was entitled Geology and Mineralogy considered with reference to Natural Theology.

In 1836 Buckland wrote one of the Bridgewater Treatises in which he admitted that geology could not confirm the Biblical account of the "Universal Deluge."

At the presentation the society's president, Humphrey Davy, stated that "a distinct epoch...has been established in the history of the revolutions of our globe."

Buckland used Mary Anning's collection of coprolites from the digestive tracts of dinosaurs to construct a description of the Liassic food chain.

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He built collections for the Ashmolean Museum.

In 1848 William Buckland, the Dean of Westminster, ate a mummified piece of Louis the XIV's heart.

William Buckland, an English paleontologist who 'insisted on dining on everything', including roast hedgehog, potted ostrich, panthers, porpoises, puppies, and - his greatest achievement by far - the heart of King Louis XIV.

He was elected Fellow of the Royal Society in 1818.

He was ordained an Anglican priest in 1809 but continued to study geology in England, Scotland and Wales.

He believed that the evidence of past submergence was due to glaciation and not a universal flood.

In 1820 he published Connexion of Geology with Religion explained, which sought to reconcile the Biblical account of creation and the Flood with observable facts in geology.

He and his father took walks and collected fossil shells near the local quarries.

Paleontologist William Buckland, who described Megalosaurus, found white spheres resembling ancient dog feces at Kirkdale Cave. To confirm that these were fossil hyena droppings, he let a pet hyena eat guinea pigs and then studied what the hyena threw up or pooped.

On January 18, 1823, Buckland discovered a skeleton in Paviland Cave.

In 1840 Buckland became president of the Geological Society and he prepared the case for the establishment of the Geological Survey of Great Britain.

Thanks to her friend, William Buckland, the British Association for the Advancement of Science and the British government recognized her great contributions and awarded her a civil list pension in the amount of 25 pounds a year.

William Buckland ate French king Louis XIV’s Heart.

About William Buckland who supposedly ate mummified heart of Louis XIV

Due to his habit of eating strange things, William Buckland ate the alleged heart of King Louis XIV

William Buckland, histories first paleontologist, ate Louis XIVs heart.

The first scientific name ever given to a dinosaur fossil was Scrotum humanum in 1763. It was later changed to Megalosaurus in 1824 by William Buckland.

While investigating the phenomena of entombed animals, English geologist William Buckland conducted an experiment to see how long a toad could remain alive while encased in stone.

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