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A British bomb detection dog named Theo died from stress a few hours after seeing his handler get shot. The pair had set a record for bomb detection, and the dog was posthumously awarded an honour equivalent to the Victoria Cross.

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The Order of the White Feather. During WW1 women would shame non-uniformed men, giving them a white feather for cowardice. One recipient was George Samson who was on his way in civilian clothes to be awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry in the Gallipoli campaign.

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  1. During WWII, India produced the largest volunteer Army in world history, over 2.5 million men. Winston Churchill called their bravery "Unsurpassed", with at least 38 Indians awarded the Victoria Cross or the George Cross.

  2. Originally it was suggested the scroll on the Victoria Cross, Britain's most prestigious military award, should bear the legend ‘FOR THE BRAVE’ but Queen Victoria herself changed this to 'FOR VALOUR' as the former implied that not all Soldiers were brave.

  3. Tul Bahadur Pun was a Gurkha who won the Victoria Cross, Britain's highest award for Valor in combat in WWII, and was denied a visa to live there because he 'failed to demonstrate strong ties to the UK.'

  4. During WW1 to save his fellow soldiers from being killed by enemy fire, Irish soldier Michael O'Leary charged two German barricades alone killing 8 German soldiers. It was reported that he charged the second barricade to kill a German he took a dislike to. He was awarded the Victoria Cross

  5. Vin Mariani the Cocaine-Laced Wine was new kind of wine invented by French Chemist Angelo Mariani in the 19th century. Queen Victoria, Thomas Edison, and Ulysses S. Grant were all big fans of Vin Mariani. Pope Leo XIII awarded the drink an official medal from the Vatican.

  6. Frank Durrant, a WW2 British Commando who, while shot 16 times and in Command of a small wooden boat - Took on a German Destroyer so ferociously the German captain recommended to the British Army he was awarded the Victoria Cross. He was.

  7. Flying Officer Lloyd Allan Trigg of New Zealand is the only Victoria Cross recipient to receive the award based solely on testimony provided by enemy combatants. His VC was awarded on the testimony of the surviving crew of the German U-boat his plane sank with depth charges.

  8. The only tombstone you can't walk on in Westminster Abbey is that of 'The Unknown Warrior'. The US awarded the British soldier the 'Medal of Honor'. When the US created their own similar tomb, the soldier was awarded the 'Victoria Cross'

  9. Queen Victoria awarded Florence Nightingale the Royal Red Cross in 1883.

  10. There was a famed man the 'Nazis could not kill' who was the only man on D-Day to be awarded the Victoria Cross medal of gallantry in the face of the enemy.

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New Zealander Captain Charles Upham, The Only Combat Soldier In History To Be Awarded The Victoria Cross Twice didn't want the award insisting "I don't want to be treated differently from any other bastard."

Lieutenant Moana-Nui-a-Kiwa Ngarimu filled a breach in his battalion line with only rocks and a tommy gun. He was awarded the Victoria Cross - source

A street in Winnipeg was home to three men who served in WWI and were each awarded the Victoria Cross. - source

In addition to winning the Queen Victoria Prize in 1903 when he was only 15, Fernando Pessoa also won the 1934 Antero de Quental Award.

Apart from England, Ireland outranks Scotland and every other country that was once part of the British Empire in terms of the number of Victoria Cross recipients. When population is taken into account Ireland's awards would be the equivalent of England gaining 2,850 Victoria Crosses - source

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The British and Americans awarded each country's 'unknown warrior' the highest possible honour. 'The Unknown Warrior' holds Medal of Honor and 'The Unknown Soldier' holds Victoria Cross.

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Gustav the pigeon, who served in WWII and was awarded the animal version of the Victoria Cross, only to be killed when the man cleaning the pigeon loft stepped on him.

The Canadian Victoria Cross has never been awarded since it's creation in 1993.

Thain Wendell MacDowell a Canadian Soldier was awarded the Victoria Cross at the Battle of Vimy Ridge for capturing two German officers and 75 soldiers in a tunnel with the assistance of only two runners by pretending to be part of a larger group.

William Leefe Robinson was the first (British) pilot to shoot down a German airship (Zeppelin) during the First World War. For this, he was awarded The Victoria Cross and £3500 in prize money.

11 men were awarded the Victoria Cross at Rorke's Drift

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John Edmondson was awarded a Victoria Cross in WW2 after killing 3 Germans during a bayonet charge after he was shot in the stomach and neck during the initial charge. He later died of his wounds.

Sgt. Thomas Durrant, the recipient of the only Victoria Cross awarded in navel combat, and it was awarded on the recommendation of an enemy officer.

Norman Jackson was awarded the Victoria Cross for extinguishing an engine fire by climbing onto the wing of his plane while holding onto the wing of the aircraft with one hand and the extinguisher in the other

The Dickin Medal, sometimes referred to as "the animals' Victoria Cross", has only been awarded to one cat in its history. His name was Able Seacat Simon and he saved the HMS Amethyst from a rat infestation.

The first Victoria Cross of WW2 was awarded to Richard Annand for taking out 20 enemy troops armed with only hand grenades before rescuing one of his injured men, carrying him away from the battle in a wheelbarrow

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A Scottish Canadian soldier at the Battle of the Somme was awarded the Victoria Cross for boosting morale on the front line by walking along the barbed wire and playing the bagpipes

Canada's highest military award created in 1993, the Victoria Cross, has never been awarded.

Seventy-one Victoria Crosses were awarded to Canadians for their actions in the First World War, and Canadians won sixteen VCs during the Second World War.

William Coltman was awarded the Victoria Cross in WW1 despite never taking a weapon onto the battlefield.

Feminists joined a campaign by far right nationalists to shame men into enlisting in the WWI effort. These public shamings even happened to soldiers who were only out of uniform, and even happened to a soldier who was awarded the Victoria Cross for his service in Gallipoli.

British put a German battleship out of action by ramming its drydock with a destroyer full of explosives and commandos. 5 Victoria crosses were awarded for the mission.

The first black person to receive the Victoria Cross was William Hall, who was awarded for his actions at the Siege of Lucknow in 1857.

Great Britain has an official equivalent of the Victoria Cross (like the Congressional Medal of Honor) for animals. It's called the Dickin Medal and more have been awarded to pigeons than any other species.

One pilot of RAF Transport Command was awarded the Victoria Cross, Flt. Lt. Lord

Doug Scott, who descended Karakoram Ogre in the Himalayas on broken legs rejected the Victoria Sporting Club’s Valour in Sport award because he believed accepting it would introduce commercialism into the sport.

The US "Unknown Soldier" was awarded the British Victoria Cross, and the UK "Unknown Warrior" was awarded the US Medal of Honor

A Chicken is one of only five civilians to be awarded the Victoria Cross

That there is only one time in the history of ww2 where a Victoria's Cross was awarded at the behest of the enemy.

About the Victoria Cross. The highest military decoration awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" to members of the armed forces of various Commonwealth countries,

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