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About Tarrare, a slender French man who lived in the 1700s. He had a bizarrely insatiable appetite which could never be satisfied. While under medical observation, he would eat everything he could find like cats, snakes and corpses. He was even suspected of eating a toddler.

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A French man named Tarrare, who had an insatiable appetite and constant hunger. He had an abnormally large mouth and stained teeth, with a visible vapor rising off of his body. He would eat anything to curb his hunger; including live animals, stones, a golden fork, and allegedly a human baby.

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  1. Most people think that piranhas have insatiable appetite for blood, but they are actually omnivores animals (eat animals and plants). They usually eat snails, fish, aquatic animals and plants, seed and fruit. They will feast on mammals and birds when they fall into the water, which doesn"t happen that often.

  2. Franklin only attended school through age ten due to his family's financial status, but he continued on self-educated through his insatiable appetite for learning.

  3. Tarrare, whose insatiable appetite drove him to eat entire cattle, household pets, animal organs and silverware. The french army recruited him to eat and smuggle secret messages across enemy lines. Later, he was ejected from a hospital after eating corpses and a living toddler.

  4. Hipsters’ insatiable appetite for superfoods is starving India’s ancient Indigenous people

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