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Parts of Africa no longer want your clothing donations. The vast amount of these imports have devastated local clothing industries and led the region to rely far too heavily on the West.

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There was a German architect who devoted his whole life to promote his grand scheme of damming and draining the Mediterranean to create vast amounts of land and to unite Europe and Africa into one super continent.

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  1. 97% of Britain’s wildflower meadows have disappeared since the end of WW2. These meadows supported pollinating insects for food crops, helped mitigate flooding by holding on to rain water, and captured vast amounts of carbon.

  2. There is a town in Australia where the entire town (200+ people) live underground in abandoned mines. Residents here have electricity and plumbing, and have been known to find vast amounts of Opal when renovating.

  3. "Zone Rouges". Areas of France so polluted with vast amounts of human and animal remains and millions of items of unexploded ordnance from WWI that no human activity is allowed there.

  4. In Feb, 2000, 60 Minutes did an exposé on "Echelon," a top secret data collection program that vacuums up vast amounts of communications worldwide. Democracies usually have laws against spying on citizens, but Frost says Echelon members could ask other members to spy on their citizens for them

  5. The rover 'Opportunity' had an planned 90 day duration of activity. Almost 11 years later it is still functioning and has provided a vast amount of scientific observations.

  6. Scientists use cancer's drive to grow uncontrollably to trick it into producing vast amounts of antibodies to fight, among other diseases, cancer itself

  7. Tarrare, a French soldier with polyphagia, consumed vast amounts of food and objects, including live animals, without every feeling full or gaining weight. His case is still considered a medical mystery.

  8. When trees evolved, it took 60 mil. years for fungi to evolve the ability to break down lignin. Trees fell over and didn't decompose, storing vast amounts of carbon, resulting in an oxygen-rich atmosphere that favored enormous insects; burning in massive fires; and producing our stores of coal.

  9. The amount of space junk around our planet is vast, extremely fast, impacts space launches and we're running the risk of locking ourselves into our planet.

  10. A UT-Austin psychologist disproved the widely-held belief that women chat vastly more than men; in fact we all speak about the same amount per day, but his study does support the stereotype of "ladies as gossips and guys engaging in car talk".

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"national reserves" of things like oil, copper and other mineral resources means the amount of the material that has been studied and determined to be economically viable to extract and bring to market. There is no vast series of warehouses - these reserves are still in the ground.

Greenland holds a vast amount of earth riches under its ice. - source

The Human Brain consumes the same amount of energy as a Light Bulb (20 watts), whilst a CPU consumes 50-100 watts and runs "vastly slower" than the brain. - source

The game "Monopoly" is based on a game that was designed to warn against acquiring vast amounts of wealth at the expense of others

Atlantropa, a plan from the 1920s to build a gigantic dam across the Strait of Gibraltar that would lower the Mediterranean Sea by 660’, creating land bridges between Europe & Africa and exposing vast swaths of land for new settlements, as well as providing enormous amounts of electricity. - source

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In the 1900's, 'Gros Michel' bananas were the most common banana type in Europe / North America. However, the 'Panama Disease' killed vast amounts of the crop, and their popularity was replaced in 1965 by the 'Cavendish'. Modern Cavendish bananas may face the same fate due to the TR4 Virus.

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Afghanistan has vast amounts of untapped mineral deposits that include huge veins of iron, copper, cobalt, gold and critical industrial metals like lithium. Lithium is used for electric vehicle batteries.

Bitcoin is a potential environmental disaster because of the vast amount of coal energy used to farm it.

Drones will be used to combat deforestation by reforestating vast land areas in a short amount of time. The drones will shoot seeds into the ground while taking care of the tree spraying pesticides and fertilizers. These drones can also collect valuable data about our forests.

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