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In the late 1700s, a French soldier named Tarrare was subject to medical experiments to test his eating capacity. He ate a meal for 15 people in one sitting, live cats, snakes, lizards and puppies, and swallowed an eel whole without chewing. He was ejected from the hospital after eating a baby.

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Tarrare, a French man in the 1700's who could eat anything. He ate a meal intended for 15 people in a single sitting, ate live cats, snakes, Lizards, puppies, swallowed a whole eel, attempting to eat the bodies in the mortuary. drank from patients undergoing bloodshed and a 14-month-old child

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  1. a man named tararrae ate live cats, snakes, lizards and puppies, and swallowed eels whole without chewing for an experiment. He also ate a baby.

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