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In 1909, dueling with wax bullets became popular. Defeated parties could be “theoretically pronounced dead… and the supposedly fatal results created general merriment.”

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Pistol dueling with wax bullets was a popular pastime in the early 20th century and even featured as a sport in the 1908 Summer Olympics

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  1. Pistol dueling with wax bullets was once an Olympic sport.

  2. Pistol dueling was a sport in the 1908 summer Olympics. Contestants used wax bullets and metal masks for safety.

  3. Dueling with wax bullets was once an Olympic sport

  4. Pistol deuling was an event in the 1908 Olympics, in which competitors would fire wax bullets at one another.

  5. Deuling with wax bullets was once (and only once) featured as an olympic sport.

  6. During the last execution by firing squad in the US, one of the squad's rifles was "selected at random and loaded with a non-lethal wax bullet so that they would not know with certainty who fired the fatal shots"

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