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There's an Italian sport called Calcio Storico that is a combination of rugby, football, and bare-knuckle fighting. It's known as the 'most violent sport' in the world.

One of the oldest and dangerous sport is played in Florence and is called Calcio Storico and come from roman Harpastum. Is like a mix of rugby and MMA with traditional costumes.

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  1. There is an Italian version of Football called Calcio Storico, in which one team tries to beat the ever living snot out of the other's players in order to score goals, called "Caccias". It is 27 vs. 27 with no substitutes, and almost anything goes.

  2. In Italy there is a sport called Calcio Storico and is often referred to as old football. 27 people on both sides go head to head in an all out brawl in order to score points for 50 minutes straight.

  3. There is an Italian sport called Calcio storico Fiorentino that combines rugby, football and wrestling/mma.

  4. An ancient Italian sport still played called Calcio Storico which is a cross between soccor and MMA fighting.

  5. There's an annual sport event in Florence, called "Calcio Storico", from which it is said to be a bloody precursor of football/soccer. Punches and kicks are allowed and if someone is injured the game doesn't even stop.

  6. There is a sporting event held annually in the Piazza Santa Croce in Florence, Italy called Calcio Fiorentino, an ancient form of football that is essentially rugby, but with a whole bunch of dudes just mercilessly beating the crap out of each other.

  7. THere is a terrific form of soccer called Calcio Storico Fiorentino played in Italy once a year. It mixed Soccer, MMA, and rugby and every strike is allowed.

  8. There is a terrific form of soccer called "Calcio Storico Fiorentino" played in Italy once a year. It's a mix of Soccer, MMA, Rugby and every strike is allowed.

  9. About a rugby-like sport called Calcio Fiorentino which is basically Gangs of New York.

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an Italian sport called Calcio Storico, which is basically a mix of rugby and MMA, is so violent that several deaths have occurred during play. In the sport's early days, bulls were occasionally released onto the field to speed the game along.

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