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Chopping wood increases testosterone production by 46.8 percent, as much as 17 percent higher than soccer and other studied competitive sports.

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Chopping wood increases testosterone production by 46.8 percent, as much as 17 percent higher than soccer and other studied competitive sports.

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  1. Chopping wood increases testosterone production by 46.8 percent, as much as 17 percent higher than soccer and other studied competitive sports.

  2. Long-distance swimming is unique among the world's various athletic competitions. It is one of very few endurance sports where there are women's records that beat men's records under equal conditions, especially as the distances increases.

  3. Little league sports were originally organized to keep poor kids off the streets but the Depression caused leagues to close down so poor children from urban areas lost opportunities for competitive athletics. Fee-based groups filled the void but only upper class kids could afford them.

  4. The U.S. State Department recognizes competitive gaming as a professional sport, meaning people can come to the US on work visas to play video games.

  5. The 2nd U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that competitive cheerleading is NOT a sport and thus, can not be used in place of another women's sport under Title IX.

  6. Modern sports betting originated in 19th century competitive walking, called pedestrianism. Pedestrianism started when English aristocracy would match their servants against each other in walking contests and bet heavily on the outcome.

  7. Chess boxing, a game in which competitors fight in alternating rounds of chess and boxing. This real competitive sport has 11 rounds and is won when an opponent is knocked out while boxing or is defeated in chess.

  8. The sport of fencing underwent major safety reforms when world class fencer Vladimir Smirnov died in competition. His opponent's blade snapped and the sharp end pierced through Smirnov's mask, eyeball, then brain. He died nine days later.

  9. The World Taekwondo Federation administers the Olympic competition for taekwondo. It is their rules that are used for competition.

  10. In 1999, child chess prodigy Joshua Waitzkin, subject of the film "Searching for Bobby Fischer", gave up chess and took up Aikido. In 2004, he won the world champion title in the competitive sport of Taiji Push Hands.

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Major North American Sports Athletes Earnings / Salaries from Competitions

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Appenzeller Sennenhund is very good at sports and competitions which test herding skills, agility and obedience of dogs.

Splitting the arrow of a competitor is called a "Robin Hood", in reference to the legend archer Robin Hood who won a competition by splitting his opponent's arrow with his own.

In competitive rowing there are usually two weight classes, lightweight and heavyweight.

Female athletes participating in sports competitions are often required to undergo a gender verification test. The issue has arisen multiple times in the Olympic games where women with an intersex condition were thought to have an unfair advantage.

Kobe Bryant was the youngest NBA player to win the Slam Dunk Contest. It was the only time he ever competed in the competition.

When did competitive sports begin?

American Bulldog can be seen in sport activities and competitions such as weight pulling, dog obedience and Iron dog competition.

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The first intercollegiate sport in the United States was rowing and the first competitive race was held in 1852 between Yale and Harvard.

Common activities on Australia include picnics, beach parties, barbecues, fireworks displays, music festivals, sporting competitions, award ceremonies, and family gatherings.

The first Olympics competition for women was held in 1928.

The first country with organized archery competitions was England in the 1500s.

In order to be inducted into the Baltimore Ravens" Ring of Honor a member of the organization must possess seven traits including character, gratitude, vision, passion, faith and courage, competitive spirit, and humility.

When did dance become a competitive sport?

Only three countries have ever won the Thomas Cup since the competition was established in 1848. The three countries include China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

In order to breed high quality sport horses, "Embryo Transfers" are used. It involves breeding a sport horse mare and a stallion, then transferring the resulting embryo into a reproductively competent mare. This to allow the original breeding mares to continue their competitive careers.

In Ancient Greece most of the gymnastics competitions were done in the nude.

ESPN had a sports-themed restaurant and entertainment chain, and featured a competitive sitting and TV watching competition called The Ultimate Couch Potato. The 2010 winner broke the Guinness World Record for uninterrupted television viewing by sitting for 3 days.

Both men and women can compete in the Floor Exercise and Vault competition in the Olympics.

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American Eskimo dog is excellent in sports and competitions that test agility, obedience and conformation. It can be trained to recognize narcotics.

In the Olympics there are eight different competitive events including the Floor Exercise, Vault, Pommel Horse, Rings, Parallel Bars, Horizontal Bar, Uneven Bars, and the Balance Beam.

The first woman to win the World Gymnastics Competition was Marcia Frederick.

Speed skating, figure skating and ice dancing are all Olympic competitions. Ice hockey is also an Olympic sport.

During Olympic figure skating competitions the skaters are not permitted to use music to accompany their routine if there are vocals. The music must be instrumental only.

Mobile phone throwing is a competitive sport in Finland. The world record is 110.42 meters (362.3 feet)

Guys getting lubed up with olive oil and wrestling in Turkey is the world's oldest continuous sanctioned sporting competition.

In most archer competitions, competitors must engrave their initials on their arrows.

Rhythmic gymnastics competitions include the ball, the hoop, the ribbon, the clubs, and the rope.

New Zealand hosts world competitions for sheep shearing. The country, in which sheep outnumber people 10 to 1, voted in 2012 for the event to become an Olympic sport.

The plunge for distance, a former Olympic sport in which contestants plunged into the water and, without moving any of their limbs, float as far as they can for 60 seconds. A sports writer in the New York Times described it as "slowest thing in the way of athletic competition".

Ice skating is used in several different competitive sports including ice dancing, figure skating, speed skating, ringette and ice hockey.

Precision Walking is a competitive sport in Japan

Giorgio Tsoukalos, best known for his support of the ancient alien astronauts hypothesis, has a degree in sports information and communications. Before producing Ancient Aliens, he worked as a bodybuilding promoter for major competitions, including Mr. Olympia.

Competitions exist where contestants make the ugliest face they can, and the sport is called gurning

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