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The Cotswold Olimpick Games; a public celebration of games and sports beginning in the 17th century in the Cotswolds, England. The Games are still held to this day, with events including tug-of-war, shin kicking, motorcycle racing, piano smashing, judo and poetry.

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The lead singer of NOFX "Fat Mike" kicked a fan in the head. Fat Mike then apologised and let the fan kick him in the shin.

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  1. Shin conditioning is when people who do Muay Thai kick trees or roll hard objects against there shins to kill nerve cells so they will feel less pain when they kick.

  2. Shin kicking is a real sport in rural England complete with an annual championship tournament. And has been around for over four centuries.

  3. There is a martial art in England called Shin Kicking that involves two contestants attempting to kick each other on the shin to force their opponent to the ground.

  4. There is a British Shin-kicking Championship

  5. England has a martial art called 'Shin-Kicking'

  6. The screenwriter of "3 Ninjas Kick Back" Shin Sang-ok was kidnapped by North Koreans and Forced to make movies in the 80's

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