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"Nintendocore", a musical genre that combines elements of video game theme music and sound effects to modern punk rock or metal.

how many combined no-hitters in mlb history?

A voxel represents a value on a regular grid in three-dimensional space. Voxel is a combination of "volume" and "pixel" where pixel is a combination of "picture" and "element".

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cultural deviance combines the elements of what two theories?

  1. Limestone can be found in just about any color depending upon which elements are combined with the calcium carbonate in the rock.

  2. Carbon is very versatile in that it can combine with up to four other elements at the same time and can exist as a solid, liquid, or a gas.

  3. Despite being the most abundant metal in the earth's crust, aluminium is never found in its pure form. It is always combined with other elements to form compounds.

  4. Different elements" atoms can combine in set ratios to produce new compounds.

  5. Compounds are often defined by the term valency, which is the number of atoms of hydrogen that it takes to combine with atoms of an element in order to form a specific compound.

  6. Phosphorus usually exists in a molecule combined with the element oxygen.

  7. The most commonly used elements to combine with aluminium to create an alloy are zinc, copper, silicon, magnesium, and manganese.

  8. There is a popular and mainstream genre of Balkan music called Turbofolk, which combines traditional folk music with modern pop elements and electronic instruments. It can sometimes be considered trashy, and during the Bosnian war there were songs that even bragged about committing genocide.

  9. There is a complete list called "Stressing the Elements" of "legal" and "illegal" brick combinations in Lego.

  10. Terry Crews used to be known as "T-Money" and was a Warrior for "Battle Dome", a weekly show that combined elements of American Gladiator and professional wrestling.

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Rick and Morty spawned from a segment recreating Back to the Future, and has a combination of elements of writing and screenplay from the writer's previous works.

The Korean Air Force invented a sport called Jokgu, which combines elements of soccer and volleyball. - source

There is a sport called Pickleball which combines elements of tennis, badminton, & ping-pong. - source

If you combine all of the elements of the periodic table simultaneously, the result is super boring and you'll be disappointed.

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