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Both Benjamin Franklin and Napoleon Bonaparte played, and we're beaten by a, chess robot. The robot toured the world, beating masters and novices alike. However, in reality it was just a man in a box.

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Chess Boxing where fighters switch between boxing and playing chess. Fighters win: by knockout, by checkmate, by the judge’s decision, or if the opponent exceeds the time limit.

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  1. About Chess Boxing. A combination of four-minute speed chess followed by three-minute boxing. To win, a player should either do a knockout or a checkmate.

  2. Chess boxing, a game in which competitors fight in alternating rounds of chess and boxing. This real competitive sport has 11 rounds and is won when an opponent is knocked out while boxing or is defeated in chess.

  3. There is a sport that combines chess and boxing. It's called chessboxing

  4. The 1944 Olympics were canceled due to the war but polish captives in a concentration camp wanted to preserve the tradition. They got permission to organize their own games which included basketball, boxing chess and more. An olympic flag was made out of bed sheets and even the nazis saluted it

  5. Boxwood has strong wood that can be used for carving and manufacture of chess pieces, decorative boxes, wooden spoons and various pieces (tailpieces, tuning pegs...) for the stringed instruments.

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Chess boxing' is a sport that combines boxe and chess: after one round of boxe, you sit and play chess for several minutes. You can win for Checkmate or for K.O.

Chessboxing is an actual sport, first officially played in 2003. Players alternate between boxing and chess, playing a total of 11 rounds. Rules are designed so that you can't win on the merit of either skill. - source

Chess boxing is a real sport, where two people alternate games between rounds - source

Chess boxing: a sport where players compete in alternating rounds of chess and boxing

Diving Chess, a variant of chess played underwater, was inspired by Boxing Chess, where you can win with a checkmate or a knockout. - source

When was chess boxing invented?

Chess Boxing, a sport that has alternating rounds of chess and pugilism, has existed for over a decade and has an event coming this November.

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Chess Boxing is a growing sport in Berlin

One of the Fastest Growing Sports in the World Combines Boxing and Chess - Chess Boxing??!!

There is a sport called Chess Boxing and it is exactly what you think it is.

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Chess boxing. Alternating between 3 minutes of chess and 3 minutes of boxing until achieving knockout in one of them.

About Chessboxing, an 11-round contest in which the contestants must complete 6 rounds of chess and proceed with 5 rounds of boxing

Chess boxing. Alternating between 3 minutes of chess and 3 minutes of boxing until achieving knockout in one of them.

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