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New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was drafted by the MLB's Montreal Expos in the 18th round of the 1995 draft, but went to the University of Michigan and played football instead.

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The Montreal Expos general manager had to rent folding chairs for the Expos first home game at Jarry Park Stadium due to low seating capacity

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  1. Montreal Expo's broadcasters invented french words for Home run and knuckleball since they had no direct translation

  2. Bartolo Colon is the last active player to play for the defunct Montreal Expos

  3. Hall of Famer Tim Raines spent $40,000 on cocaine while playing for 1982 Montreal Expos.

  4. Tom Brady was drafted in the 18th round of the 1995 MLB draft by the Montreal Expos.

  5. A “passport” to Montreal’s Universal Expo (Expo 67) cost $35 which, adjusted for inflation, is $263.62! It gave the holder access to the park for the entire length of the fair.

  6. Tom Brady was drafted by the Montreal Expos in 1995 MLB Draft, but chose not to sign

  7. Tom Walker, pitcher for the Montreal Expos, was supposed to be on the same ill-fated plane as Roberto Clemente. Clemente insisted he stay inadvertently saving Walker's life. Walker's son, Neil, now plays ball for the Pittsburgh Pirates, the same team Clemente played for.

  8. Infielder Ian Desmond is the Washington Nationals last Montreal Expo.

  9. To coincide with Canada's 100th Birthday, it was chosen to hold that year's World Fair. The resulting "Expo '67", held in Montreal, brought in over 50 million visitors (For reference, Canada's population at the time was just over 20 million), and was viewed as a vision into humanity's future.

  10. Barnett Newman's 1967 painting "Voice of Fire" is now worth 50 million USD. It was purchased by the National Art Gallery of Canada where it still hangs in Ottawa. The painting was commissioned for the Montreal Expo 67. The Art gallery purchased it for 1.76 Million CAD in 1990.

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After the Montreal Expo's (MLB) relocated to Washington DC, their mascot, Youppi!, was sold to the Montreal Canadiens of the NHL. This would make Youppi! the first mascot to ever switch to another professional league. - source

The Montreal Expos found their mascot, Youppi!, in the inventory of a bankrupt mascot company, and that the mascot was designed by Bonnie Erickson, who created the Philly Phanatic along with several Muppets including Miss Piggy - source

Quarter Back Tom Brady was once drafted in 1995, by the Montreal Expos (a Canadian MLB team) as a catcher.

A then-17 year old Tom Brady was drafted by the MLB Montreal Expos - source

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As of March 2016, Bartolo Colón is the last active player in Major League Baseball that has played for the Montreal Expos

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