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During his 20 seasons with the LA Lakers Kobe scored 5,640 points during the playoffs. He ranks third place for playoff points scored during an NBA career, behind Michael Jordan, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.

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In 1986 then LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling hired former LA Lakers legend Elgin Baylor as vice president of player personnel completely unaware that he previously played in the NBA.

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  1. The Los Angeles Lakers originated in Minnesota (Land of 10,000 lakes) and moved to LA to in an effort to counteract the declining level of supporter attendance. In the end it worked out tremendously as the Lakers are now the 2nd most profitable team in the NBA.

  2. After the LA Lakers won the NBA championship in 1982, they got the first overall pick in the following draft. It is the only time this has ever occurred, and happened due to a deal made two years prior with the Cleveland Cavaliers. The pick was used on future 7x NBA all-star James Worthy

  3. Elgin Baylor led the LA Lakers to 8 Finals in 13 years, winning none. He retired during the 1971-1972 season that the Lakers won and the first game after his retirement was the first of an NBA record of 33 consecutive wins

  4. Former NBA LA Lakers foward Rick Fox bought the Professional League of Legends team "Team Gravity" and renamed it into "Echo Fox".

  5. The LA Lakers and The LA Clippers play in the same arena but on different courts.

  6. AC Green, who played for the Showtime LA Lakers and won three titles, maintained his virginity during his entire 16 years in the NBA.

  7. Duke's Coach K seriously considered an offer from the LA Lakers. He stayed in part because of an email from a student that caused him to cry. It said "You are our coach. Not just the coach of our give us something that no one ever could. Please still be my coach."

  8. LA Lakers Team President Jeanie Buss posed naked in Playboy in 1995

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