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Rosey Grier, the only surviving member of the LA Rams' famed "Fearsome Foursome", worked as a bodyguard for Robert Kennedy when he was assassinated. Although unable to prevent the killing, Grier took control of the gun and subdued the shooter.

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Windows 7 64 can theoretically handle 16.8 million terabytes of ram. With a motherboard that would stretch from LA to NYC, twice.

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  1. In 1970, Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lance Rentzel was arrested for exposing himself to two 10-year-old girls. Given no jail time, he was traded to and continued to play with the LA Rams. The NFL later suspended him for possession of marijuana.

  2. In 1979, the Pittsburgh Steelers and LA Rams both wanted to be the team to select the last player in the draft. They ended up passing on their picks and going back and forth until the commissioner forced the Rams to pick first.

  3. In the 1940s the LA Rams were forced to integrate their team with African-American players as a condition for renting the Los Angeles Coliseum.

  4. Rick Springfield first considered "I wish that I had Gary's Girl" before settling on "Jessie's Girl" from a t-shirt he had with LA Rams, Ron Jessie on it

  5. In 1979 the LA Rams, with the penultimate pick, intentionally passed to let the Pittsburgh Steelers, with the last pick, choose first. They also wanted the publicity and passed as well. The teams continued to refuse to choose a player until NFL Commissioner Pete Rozelle forced the teams to pick.

  6. Suge Knight played football at UNLV and was signed by the LA Rams

  7. Suge Knight was a professional football player for the LA Rams before becoming a music producer.

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