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Mamie Johnson, who was a professional Negro League baseball player, with a 33–8 win-loss record and a batting average of .262. She was known as "Peanut" during her career due to her height - 5 feet, 3 inches. After retiring, she went to nursing school and became a nurse for 30 years.

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Baseball player Bill Bergen was an awful batter who hit .170 for his entire 11-year career and at one point went 46 at-bats without a hit, but teams kept him around because he was such a good catcher.

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  1. Jon Miller, a professional baseball player, hit a home run his first at bat and his final at bat. These were the only 2 of his career.

  2. About Adam Greenberg, a baseball player who suffered a skull fracture on the first pitch ever thrown to him in the MLB, effectively ending his career after just 1 pitch. 7 years later the Miami Marlins offered him a 1-day contract so that he could get a second chance to bat in an MLB game.

  3. Only 2 (of 18,000+) Major League Baseball players have hit a home run in both their first and last career at-bats. For one of those players, those were his only career home runs.

  4. Ty Cobb, who played baseball from 1905 to 1928, still holds 20 records including career batting average (.367)

  5. Former Major League Baseball player named Johnny Dickshot. He was an outfielder from 1936-1945 with a career batting average of .276 and 7 home runs.

  6. In order to match the incredible skill of Sir Donald Bradman, a basketball player would need to score 43 points per game, and a baseball player would need a career .392 batting average. The records are 30.1 and .366 respectively.

  7. Hoyt Wilhelm, a pitcher, hit a homerun in his first at bat. But never hit another in his 20 year HOF career.

  8. In 1951, the St. Louis Cardinals strategically used a 3-foot-7 inch tall batter due to how small his strike zone was. He only had one at-bat in his career.

  9. In the 2013 Pakistani election, two fomer cricket players were the leading candidates for Prime Minister. The result: Nawaz Sharif, with a career batting average of 0 (off 1 official domestic match), defeated Imran Khan, Pakistan's all-time greatest cricketer and World Cup winning captain

  10. About Koo Dae-Sung, a Mets relief pitcher, who during his first ever career at-bat hit a double against Hall-Of-Famer Randy Johnson and then managed to score from second base on a bunt.

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Cuban-born Tony "The Mosquito" Ordeñana only played one game for the Pirates when most players were gone because of WWII and has a career batting average of .500 with 3 RBIs

Don Bradman had a ridiculous career batting average of 99.94% in cricket over 20 years. The next closest is 61%. - source

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