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Cricket player Don Bradman's 99.4 test batting average is widely considered the greatest statistical achievement in any major sport.

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Don Bradman of Australia, considered one of the greatest batsmen in Cricket, was nicknamed "White Headley" after George Headley, a West Indian batsman also considered one of the greatest ever, who in turn was nicknamed "Black Bradman".

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  1. In 1948 Mahatma Gandhi's Son Devdas stayed in Jail to watch his favourite cricketer Don Bradman's final tour of England. After having breakfast with the convicts the next day he headed for the ground to catch a glimpse of the man who had made life hell for English bowlers for 20 years

  2. In order to match the incredible skill of Sir Donald Bradman, a basketball player would need to score 43 points per game, and a baseball player would need a career .392 batting average. The records are 30.1 and .366 respectively.

  3. Donald Bradman had a lifetime batting average of 99.94 in test Cricket. Scoring over 5000 runs against England in the process, the most runs ever against one opponent.

  4. Andy Ganteaume, a West Indian cricketer who scored 112 in his only Test innings, technically giving him a better average than Don Bradman.

  5. Sir. Donald Bradman's test average of 99.94 is widely acknowledged as the greatest achievement of any sportsman in any major sport

  6. Donald Duck's name may have been inspired by Australian cricket legend Donald Bradman. In 1932 Bradman and the Australian team were touring North America and he made the news after being dismissed for a duck against the New York West Indians.

  7. Don Bradman had a ridiculous career batting average of 99.94% in cricket over 20 years. The next closest is 61%.

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