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Bruce Jenner's father William Jenner won a silver medal in the U.S. Army Olympics in 1945 in Germany for the 100-yard dash.

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Jesse Owens tied the world record of 9.4 seconds in the 100-yard dash in 1933. He was in high school at the time.

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  1. Canadian Prime Minster John Turner was born in England and immigrated to Canada at age 4. In 1947 he became the fastest man in Canada, setting the Canadian record for the 100-yard dash (9.8 seconds). He also qualified for the 1948 Olympic Games – but was unable to attend due to an accident

  2. Bo Jackson has the NFL Combine record for the 40 yard dash with a time of 4.12.

  3. Wilt Chamberlain May Have Been The Greatest Athlete Of All Time. The Man Could Bench Press Up To 600 LBS, As Well As His Video Game Like 54 Inch Standing Vertical Leap, & The Time He Beat His Friend Jim Brown In A Foot Race With A 4.4 Second Hand Timed 40 Yard Dash.

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BMI vs. 40 Yard Dash in NFL Scouting Combine

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