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Wayne Gretzky lost 2 of his 62 records since retiring. He also gained back his record for highest average points per game from Mario Lemieux. Lemieux, who came out of retirement from 2000-2005, lowered his average thus giving the record BACK to Gretzky.

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Mario Lemieux on his first ever shift in NHL, stole the puck from Hall of Fame defenceman Ray Bourque and scored a goal with his first NHL shot.

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  1. The Pittsburgh Penguins purposefully finished last in the 1983-84 season to secure the 1984 draft pick of current owner and hall of famer Mario Lemieux

  2. Hockey hall of famer Mario Lemieux had to have other people tie his skates for him.

  3. As the only player in NHL history to have over 2000 points Wayne Gretzky unofficially holds the top two records for fewest games needed to hit the 1000 point milestone. He took 424 games for the first thousand and 433 for the second. The next player on the list, Mario Lemieux, required 513.

  4. Mario Lemieux, one week removed from Cancer Treatment, scored 27 Goals and 23 Assists during Pittsburgh's 17-game win streak in 1993

  5. Though not uncommon for a rookie NHL player to live at a team mate's home when they first arrive in the city, Sidney Crosby lived with Mario Lemieux and his family for five seasons

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