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Early coffee shops in England were frequented by students, philosophers, and other intellectuals who engaged in reasoned debate on the latest issues of the day. The shops charge a penny for admission, and were dubbed 'Penny Universities' for the alternative form of education they offered

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The alternative history novel "The Man in the High Castle" features a "novel within a novel". While the actual book is about Nazis winning WWII, the in-book novel is about an alternate universe in which the Nazis lose the war.

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  1. Superman: Red Son, an alternate universe where Superman landed in the Soviet Union instead of America. He is described as a "Champion of the common worker who fights a never-ending battle for Stalin"

  2. The reason zombies on The Walking Dead Aren't called zombies is that it's an alternate universe where zombie fiction never existed

  3. There is an episode of Supernatural in which the two main characters are sent to an alternate universe in which they play the actors that play their characters on Supernatural (themselves) who are in the middle of filming an episode of a TV show called Supernatural.

  4. Terry Gilliam's movie version of Watchmen was going to end with Doctor Manhattan going back in time to save himself from becoming Doctor Manhattan. Causing Rorschach, Nite Owl, and Silk Spectre to be transported to an alternate universe where The Watchmen only exist in comic form

  5. A hypothetical structure called a Matrioshka Brain could have enough computational power to simulate an entire alternate universe.

  6. George Lucas considered an alternative ending to Return of the Jedi. Luke turns to the dark side. He puts on Vader's mask and claims "Now I am Vader. Now I will go and kill the [Rebel] fleet and I will rule the universe"

  7. The Flash was the first Comic Book Character to be rebooted, meet his alternate universe self, and the first to have the sidekick who inherited the mantle of their mentor.

  8. In an alternate DC universe Bruce Wayne is the one killed instead of his parents, his mother goes crazy in despair becoming the Joker and his father becomes Batman.

  9. There is an alternate universe where Bruce Wayne dies instead of his parents, causing his father Thomas to become Batman, and his mother Martha to go insane and become the Joker.

  10. The Islamic quadrants include four types. The sine quadrant was used for astronomical observations and solving trigonometry problems. The universal quadrant was used for solving latitude astronomical problems. The horary quadrant used the sun to find the time. The astrolabe/almucantar quadrant was derived from the astrolabe and became a popular alternative.

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Neil deGrasse Tyson's professors encouraged him to consider alternate careers and the committee for his doctoral dissertation was dissolved, ending his pursuit of a doctorate from the University of Texas.

In the 90s, British comedian Eddie Izzard wrote a pilot for "Cows", a sitcom that took place in an alternate universe in which anthropomorphic cows live amongst us. Izzard spent years trying to get the show into production, and two episodes were eventually shot, but the show never aired. - source

In 2009 a man believed he traveled to an alternate universe where The Beatles where still together, stole a tape of thier album and released it. - source

About the "What If" Marvel comics, that explore what would happen in alternate realities of the Marvel universe

In a Marvel alternate universe, the Civil War never happened because girl-Tony and Steve were married. - source

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Nicolaus Copernicus" research into the universe led him to read Regiomontus" Epitome of the Almagest. This book gave an alternative to Claudius Ptolemy's model of the universe, which was generally accepted as true at the time.

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There's an alternate Marvel comics universe where Reed Richards is head of the Nazi Party.

Deadpool Corps is a team of Deadpools from alternate universes which includes a floating head, a dog, a kid, and a female version of Deadpool

The Deseret alphabet, an alternative to the Latin alphabet to be used specifically for the English language. It was devised at the University of Deseret (now U of Utah) in the 1850s and promoted by the Mormons.

. .there is a series of Marvel comics, set in the alternate universe of Earth-2149, where the cosmic-powered, zombified Hulk kills Hawkeye and Iron Man after an altercation over food.

The electric chair was invented by Alfred Southwick, a dentist and professor at the University of Buffalo. He conceived the idea after hearing about the accidental electrocution of a drunk. Southwick considered the electric chair a humane alternative to hanging.

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The Sun Grant Research Initiative Act of 2003 established six US state universities as research centers to research sustainable and eco-friendly energy alternatives

There is a Beatles album that's possibly from an alternate universe where the Beatles never broke up that you can actually listen to

All of Quentin Tarantino's movies fit into two interrelated alternate universes.

Gwenn Stacy was bit by a spider in an alternate universe and became Spiderwoman - later accidentally killing Peter Parker.

There is an alternate universe of Soviet arcade games where each weighed 5 times more than American arcades and they all had to align with Marxist ideology. That means no high scores and no fantasies.

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There's an alternate Marvel universe where Deadpool kills every known superhero & villain, and declares war on the fourth wall

Scotland will be the first country to give free sanitary products to all students. The government is spending £5.2m ($6.7m) on the initiative. They will be available at all schools, colleges and universities. 25% of Scottish girls cant afford proper sanitary products and use alternatives.

There was an alternate universe Superman comic, in which he lands in Russia as a baby, instead of in the USA, and Superman becomes Russia's greatest weapon

Early coffee shops in England were frequented by students, philosophers, and other intellectuals who engaged in reasoned debate on the latest issues of the day. The shops charged a penny for admission and were dubbed "Penny Universities" for the alternative form of education they offered

About the Berenstein/Berenstain bears alternate universe conspiracy theory.

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