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To get Gene Hackman to shave off his mustache for the role of Lex Luthor in 'Superman', director Richard Donner promised to shave off his own mustache. After Gene had his removed, Donner revealed his was a fake one from the makeup department.

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Superman's archenemy is Lex Luthor, a super villain.

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  1. When Superman: The Movie first aired on TV, Lex Luthor played “You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby” on piano while lowering Miss Tessmacher into a lion’s den. The scene was never shown again.

  2. Lex Luthor was originally drawn with a full head of red hair, but an artist's mistake made the iconic villain bald.

  3. Lex Luthor being depicted as bald was due to an artist error and originally had a full head of red hair.

  4. "Superman" was originally the name of the villain; when Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster reworked the concept, the hero got that name and the villain was renamed "Lex Luthor"

  5. Clancy Brown not only voices Lex Luthor in the animated series, but also Mr. Krabs in Spongebob Squarepants

  6. Michael Rosenbaum, the guy who played Lex Luthor on Smallville, also voiced the Flash on Justice League and Justice League Unlimited.

  7. Joe Shuster co-creator of Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and others anonymously drew and circulated a black and white S&M illustrated booklet using the same characters.

  8. Despite being Superman's signature villain, Lex Luthor never once appeared in the George Reeves "Adventures of Superman" series

  9. Patrick Wayne was cast as Superman, but dropped out when his father John Wayne was diagnosed with stomach cancer. Robert Redford, Burt Reynolds turned it down. Paul Newman was offered his choice of roles as Superman, Lex Luthor or Jor-El for $4 million, turning down all three roles.

  10. Lex Luthor was elected president of the U.S., and allowed an alien invasion to become famous as the president that defeated the aliens.

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Who does lex luthor talk about at the end of the movie?

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Lex Luthor in the DC Animated Universe is based on Telly Savalas portrayal of James Bond villian Blofeld in the movie 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service'

Robert Downey Jr almost cast as Lex Luthor in Superman movie 10 years ago - source

Lex Luthor doesn't know who Wally West is. - source

The Lex Luthor theme "The Red Capes are coming" is actually a distorted version of Hanz Zimmer's Superman theme in Man of Steel. Junkie XL confirmed this on twitter.

In 1960's Adventure Comics Vol. 1 #271, it's revealed that the reason Lex Luthor vowed to destroy Superman is because Lex blamed him for the loss of his experiment, the irreplaceable formula for its creation, and his hair, even though they were all lost as a result of a fire Lex himself started. - source

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