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George Reeves, the Superman of the 50s, insisted Phyllis Coates (Lois Lane) be given equal billing.

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The character of Lois Lane was based on pioneering investigative journalist Nellie Bly, known for her undercover exposé as an inmate of a mental institution in 1887. She also reported on Europe's Eastern Front during World War I and took a trip around the world in a record-breaking 72 days.

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  1. The Daily Planet, where Lois Lane and Clark Kent (Superman) work is owned by Bruce Wayne (Batman)

  2. George Reeves (1950s Superman) insisted Phyllis Coates (Lois Lane) be given equal billing.

  3. Three of the actresses who have played Lois Lane have later played her mother

  4. Worcester, Massachusetts renamed a street next to a comic-book store "Lois Lane".

  5. Girls used to buy comic books as often as boys. "Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane" was the third best-selling title in 1965, selling four times as many copies as today's most-popular comic book. (Bonus Lois Lane and Superman met Pat Boone in 1959.)

  6. Clark Kent grew up to be a journalist working for the Daily Planet in Metropolis, where he met his love interest Lois Lane.

  7. Batman once defeated Superman by seducing Lois Lane

  8. DC published a comic about superheroes' political affiliations. Republicans got the original Flash, Green Lantern Guy Gardner, Hawkman, Huntress, Lois Lane, Plastic Man, Power Girl and even Wonder Woman. Democrats got Blue Beetle, Firestorm, Green Arrow, and an endorsement from Bruce Wayne.

  9. Margot Kidder, the actress who played Lois Lane in the original Superman films, later suffered from mental illness, became homeless, and was discovered in squatting in someone's backyard.

  10. In the 1950s The Adventures of Superman television series, the characters Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Perry White, and Jimmy Olsen frequently wore the same clothes so that several episodes could be filmed at once, and that some scenes could be used in several episodes without anyone noticing.

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Joe Shuster co-creator of Superman, Lois Lane, Lex Luthor and others anonymously drew and circulated a black and white S&M illustrated booklet using the same characters.

There was a Superman plot line where Lois Lane had her race changed. By a machine, not a retcon. - source

Joanne Siegel was the original model for Lois Lane and later married Superman's co-creator. - source

Robb Pratt, a veteran animator at Walt Disney Animation Studios created Superman Classic - an animated movie which was hand drawn and then scanned and digitally colored. It also cast John Newton from Superboy (1988-1989) as Clark Kent and his wife as Lois Lane.

When Clark Kent first meets Lois Lane in Superman (1978), he grabs her crotch (2:32) - source

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In the first big-screen depiction of Superman, the 1941 cartoon short "The Mad Scientist," the first character seen flying is Lois Lane, not Superman.

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First person to play Lois Lane was married to the first winner of the Hugo Award

Kirk Alyn, the first on-screen Superman actor, played Lois Lane's father in Superman: The Movie.

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