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Stan Lee generally hates teenage sidekicks, which is why there are so few in the Marvel universe. Jack Kirby felt differently and kept Bucky Barns, who became a valuable sidekick to Captain America.

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Jack Kirby created the character of The Hulk after watching a woman lift a car off of her trapped child.

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  1. The Hulk was inspired by a woman. Jack Kirby created the character after watching a woman lift a car off of her child, who was trapped underneath.

  2. When Jack Kirby left his prolific career at Marvel to work at DC, he insisted on being assigned to "Jimmy Olsen," their least popular series, so he wouldn't take anyone's job

  3. Although Spider-man co-creator Steve Ditko drew the character's first appearance (and many more after) the iconic Amazing Fantasy 15 cover was drawn by comic legend Jack Kirby with Ditko doing the inkwork.

  4. Stan Lee and Jack Kirby intended the Hulk to be gray. But the printing press kept having trouble with the Hulk's color and he kept coming out green. So he only spent the first few issues of his comic being gray.

  5. A CIA agent teamed up with a comic book artist (Jack Kirby, co creator of X-men) and a make up artist (John Chambers, who had an Academy Award for "Planet of the Apes") to save some American hostages from US embassy in Tehran in a ridiculous, but effective way.

  6. Stan Lee took away artist duties from Jack Kirby on Amazing Fantasy #15, the first appearance of Spider-Man, hating Kirby’s take on the book. Lee would assign Steve Ditko to draw the comic but did reject Ditko's cover art and commissioned Kirby to pencil a cover that Ditko then inked.

  7. Paul McCartney of the Beatles and his Wife Linda were huge Comic Book fans and Paul even dedicated “Magneto and Titanium Man” to Stan lee 's Co-artist Jack Kirby at the Wings Show in 1976. In return, Jack Kirby gave Paul a piece of art.

  8. Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker and the Dark Side were drawn largely from the creative work of Marvel artist Jack Kirby

  9. When Stan Lee and Jack Kirby were creating villians for the Marvel Comic Books they turned to the Bible. Out of that inspiration came Galactus (God) and Silver Surfer (Satan).

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After Co-Creating the characters Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, The Fantastic Four, The Hulk, Ant-Man and The X-men among others, Jack Kirby left Marvel Comics and joined DC where he created Darkseid, who would become a major antagonist of the Justice League.

One of the major innovators of American comic books, Jack Kirby, is used as the model for the Marvel Multiverse's most powerful being: "The One Above All" a.k.a. "The Fulcrum" - source

The man who wrote the real Argo script in 1979, with assistance from sci-fi visionaries Ray Bradbury, Paolo Solari, and artist Jack Kirby, was using the script to help fund a science-fiction theme park named, appropriately enough, Science Fiction Land

In addition to the integrated circuit, Jack Kirby also invented the handheld calculator and the thermal printer. - source

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