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Hugh Jackman never knew wolverines were real animals; he mistakenly studied wolves in preparation for the iconic super hero role.


There was an actual "Super Hero Movement" in Seattle led by a mixed martial artist who went by the name, Phoenix Jones. They stopped multiple assaults and robberies, and disbanded in 2014.

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  1. Marvel published a "Generic Comic Book", in order to trademark the names "Super-Hero" and "Super-Villain"

  2. Big Hero 6 was so complex, it had to be rendered on a 55,000-core super computer.

  3. A Mexican priest that uses a water gun to disperse holy water and super hero robes to entertain children at mass.

  4. A sculpture of Spiderman on a shopping mall in South Korea was removed because the artist showed the super hero with an erection.

  5. "Yours Truly, Johnny Dollar", a 1950s American radio drama that ran for 811 episodes over 13 years. It was not about a private detective or a super hero, but about an insurance investigator from Hartford.

  6. After a 10 year dispute, the United States Court of International Trade declared all MARVEL super heroes to be non-human (including X-Men, the Hulk, Spider-Man, and Iron Man). The decision resulted in action figures being classified as 'toys' and not 'dolls', reducing the import tax by 6%.

  7. Marvel had a Super Hero Called Zeitgeist that his Super Power was to Puke Acid and he found out by puking on the face of his lover while making sex

  8. The first female comic-book super hero debued in Fiction House's Jungle Comic #2 in february of 1940. She was a character named Fantomah, an ageless ancient Egyptian woman in the modern day who could transform into a skull-faced creature with superpowers to fight evil.

  9. The term "Super Hero" is trademarked by DC and Marvel.

  10. There is a company that cleans up all of the super hero's messes that they leave. They are called damage control and are published by marvel.

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The longtime boyfriend of Deborah Ann Woll, the actress who plays Karen Page on Marvel's blind super hero show Daredevil, is blind.

Marvel almost ended up owning 7 major DC titles including Superman , Batman , Wonder Women , Green Lantern , Teen Titans , Justice League and Legion of Super Heroes back in 1984 . - source

Standing like a super hero can make you perform better. - source

Dogwelder, a DC super hero who spot welds dead dogs to bad guys.

Marvel and DC co-own the word 'superhero' as well as its alternate variations 'super-hero' and 'super hero' - source

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Nike lost Steph Curry to UnderArmour because they thought he did not have a super hero look. Now he is worth $14bn to UA.

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Superman originally had very little power compared to most super-heroes today. No flight or super-vision & low invulnerability. This changed in the early 1940s when his first cartoon appeared and the Fleischers requested "extra powers".

About Abdülcanbaz, the ultimate Turkish comic book hero - a time-traveling James Bond-style super hero

Marvel created a hero who's only super power is hindsight.

Marvel once Trademarked the words 'Super Hero' & 'Zombie'

Universal Orlando almost made Gotham Island in its "second gate" (later known as Islands of Adventures), but Six Flags obtained the rights to DC comics, forcing Universal to sign a deal with Marvel and thereby creating Marvel Super Hero Island

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There were plans for a t.v. show developed by Stan Lee called The Governator to star Arnold Schwarzenegger after he step down from Governor to become a super hero and fight crime with an Arnold Cave

There was an attempt to reboot Looney Tunes set in 2772, where the characters' descendants were given super powers and formed a hero team after a meteor strike.

There is a real life super hero movement, called the Rain City, where real people patrol the streets, have stopped over 300 crimes.

DC and Marvel Comics have the word "Super Hero" jointly trademarked as an effort to eliminate competition.

Super-hero "Static" was named after Virgil Hawkins, a black Florida attorney who spent the last several decades of his life fighting for admission to practice law in Florida after having initially been denied admission to the University of Florida School of Law on the basis of his race

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Marcel Marceau, the world famous mime, was a war hero who helped hundreds of children escape from Nazi-occupied France using his secret super-power of "not talking" to communicate silently and was possibly one of the bravest men who ever lived.

There is a real life "super hero" vigilante in Seattle who uses the "mutual combat" law to intervene in altercations which have led to him being stabbed during altercations.

Batman v Superman - Super HERO - Mat Hatter - Arabalar Oyuncakları

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Marvel Comics created a super hero named Wonder Man

There's a super hero named Polka-dot Man. He could turn the polka dots on his costume into devices to combat batman and robin. One of the dots would turn into a flying saucer for escape.

There's a hero in DC called the Most Excellent Superbat, who's the leader of a team known as the Super Young team and has a secret island base is called the "Most Serene Sanctuary". He also owns Japan.

The father of American comics is a man named "Max Gaines," a name fit for a super-hero.

Universal Orlando had a scarezone in Halloween Horror Nights dedicated to Marvel's supervillian, Carnage, who took over Marvel Super Hero Island by killing the superheroes and putting them up for display. It only lasted a year due to Marvel being angry over the characters' portrayal.

In Seattle there is a group of crime-fighting super heroes known as the Rain City Superhero Movement.

Khary Payton has voiced Cyborg in several separate TV shows, including, Teen Titans, Teen Titans Go!, Justic League Action, and DC Super Hero Girls

Disney used a 55,000 core super computer to develop Big Hero 6

David Tyree, the hero for the Giants in Super Bowl 46 with a miraculous catch against his helmet, said he would trade that famous catch/Super Bowl victory to block gay marriage

DC and Marvel teamed up in 1996 and made a series of comics with mixed heroes from both publishers. (i.e. Superman + Captain America = Super Soldier)

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