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There is one character owned by both Marvel and DC, named Access, whose sole purpose is to try to keep both companies' universes separate.

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Clark Kent (Superman in DC Comics) is also a character in the Marvel universe, where he's actually just a mild-mannered reporter and nothing more.

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  1. There is one character owned by both Marvel and DC, named Access, whose sole purpose is to keep both universes separate

  2. When Barry Allen "died" in the DC Comics, Marvel introduced an amnesiac speedster with blonde hair and red suit who can't remember his name but knows it sounds like "Buried Alien". He was named the "fastest man alive" in his first appearance.

  3. The rights to the original Captain Marvel have been owned by DC Comics since 1972. However, trademark conflicts with Marvel have resulted in DC marketing the hero under the name, "Shazam!"

  4. Marvel and DC joint hold the trademark to the term "Superhero"

  5. In 1984, Warner Bros. almost closed down the DC Comics publishing imprint and licensed the characters to Marvel. Marvel apparently declined, thinking that the reason DC was failing was the characters, not the management and did not consider the characters profitable.

  6. Comic book distribution is monopolized by one company, Diamond. Marvel, DC, Image, etc. have all had exclusive contracts with them since the 90's or before. After a federal investigation, Diamond were cleared of violating anti-trust laws since they don't monopolize all forms of literature.

  7. The Doom Patrol, a group of misfit superheroes in the DC universe led by men in wheelchairs that was released a few months before Marvel's X-Men. The author is convinced that Stan Lee knowingly stole the concept since many Marvel and DC writers worked together at the time.

  8. The term "superhero" is trademarked, and jointly owned by both Marvel and DC Comics. It is extremely rare for trademarks to be jointly owned, and may violate the legal definition of a trademark as being "a single source of a product or service"

  9. Tangled", made back in 2010, is still the most expensive animated film ever produced, at a budget of $260 million. That budget is higher than any movie in the Lord of the Rings, Marvel and current DC franchises

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Are DC movies really as dark as people think? Marvel vs DC: Relative Luminance

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Proportion of deceased and living characters by gender and alignment (DC & Marvel)

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Marvel & DC comics co-published titles together as Amalgam Comics, in which they merged their characters into new ones (for example, Wolverine & Batman became the Amalgam character 'Dark Claw').

Marvel and DC used to conspire together to raise prices, but in 1971 Marvel broke from the conspiracy and dropped its prices. The drop led to Marvel's first year outselling DC. - source

In April 1996 and June 1997 Marvel and DC co-published comics under the Amalgam Comics imprint. In which the two comic book publishers merged their characters into new ones (e.g., DC Comics' Batman and Marvel Comics' Wolverine became the Amalgam character Dark Claw). - source

Stan Lee would regularly troll DC back in his day. At one time, DC believed that Marvel's success was due to the abundance of the color red and the usage of dialogue bubbles on their covers. When Lee found out, Marvel stopped using the color red and dialogue bubbles on the covers all together.

There are two Captain Marvels. One is owned by Marvel, and is in Captain Marvel. The other one is owned by DC and is in an upcoming movie Shazam. - source

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When Jack Kirby left his prolific career at Marvel to work at DC, he insisted on being assigned to "Jimmy Olsen," their least popular series, so he wouldn't take anyone's job

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Marvel Comics and DC comics jointly own a trademark on the word "superhero".

There are atleast 12 DC and Marvel characters that have been based on hindu gods and even Gandhi is mentioned in Marvel

CM Punk (WWE Wrestler) after quitting WWE, is now a writer for Marvel comics and Veritgo comics (DC Imprint). He has worked on Avengers vs X-Men, Thor Annual #1, and will work on the Drax ongoing series to be launched this year

Marvel released a character called "Wonder Man" and was sued by DC because it was too similar to Wonder Woman. When Stan Lee agreed to discontinue the character, DC released a character called "Power Girl" shortly after Marvel introduced "Power Man" to their comics.

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Gender of Comic Book Characters and Identity Exposure Between Marvel and DC

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Marvel vs. DC: Most Money Grossing Movies 1990 - 2019

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DC and Marvel teamed up to release comics in which popular characters from each universe fought each other. Votes from comic book fans determined which character won.

The Universal Studios originally wanted to have rides based on DC characters like Batman and Superman as part of a wider Cartoon World, but negotiations with Time-Warner fell through, so Universal ended up making a licensing deal with Marvel Comics instead

Marvel almost ended up owning 7 major DC titles including Superman , Batman , Wonder Women , Green Lantern , Teen Titans , Justice League and Legion of Super Heroes back in 1984 .

Superhero' is technically copyrighted and owned by DC and Marvel

During the golden age of comics Captain Marvel (owned by Fawcett Publications) was out selling superman. In turn DC sued Fawcetts for copy-write infringements forcing them to settle. DC then re-launched him as Shazam

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Marvel and DC co-own a character named Access who effectively linked the two universes. This created new superheros like a Batman-Wolverine hybrid.

In 2001, Stan Lee, famous for co-creating many of Marvel's most popular characters, published 13 issues of his re-imagining of several popular DC characters called "Just Imagine".

DC Comics has their own version of Thor and the Asgardian gods, created by the same guy who made the Marvel Comics versions.

In 1963 DC Comics published "Doom Patrol" a team of misfit/outcast superheroes led by a wheelchair bound genius. Three months later, Marvel Comics published the first X-Men story.

Marvel and DC one time crossed over and produced characters that are actually combinations of characters from each comic book company.

The 1996 Amalgam Comics crossover between DC Comics and Marvel, where Thanos merged with Darkseid to become "Thanoseid".

Both Marvel and DC share a hero that has the ability to cross over between both universes.

Marvel and DC co-own the word 'superhero' as well as its alternate variations 'super-hero' and 'super hero'

A Texas Judge created Relampago, the first Mexican-American comic book superhero in the US, after he became frustrated with crime and decided Hispanic kids needed their own superhero. Judge Garza self-published the comic after Marvel and DC showed little interest.

Marvel and DC have the word 'Superhero' trademarked

The word "Superhero" is owned by both DC and Marvel.

GotG2's Mantis appeared in Marvel, DC, and Image comics and had a continuous story arc across them all

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