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Some octopuses produce very potent toxin that can stun the prey or hurt a man. Most dangerous octopus is blue-ringed octopus that can kill few people at once.

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Electricity-producing organ takes 80% of their body. It is used both for defense against predators and for stunning of the prey.

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  1. Conus Geographus, a venomous snail, is the only animal other than humans to use insulin as a weapon. Its sting causes its prey to go into hypoglycemic shock, stunning it to allow the snail to eat it.

  2. Thresher sharks stun their prey using their tail.

  3. Herring use secret, high-frequency fart codes to communicate with one another. Among insects, 1 species of beaded lacewing stuns and kills its prey by farting on it. Manatees have fart-storage pouches, because farts are so vital to their buoyancy that constipated individuals cannot swim properly

  4. About the Pistol Shrimp. Its claws can open and close so fast that it produces a water bubble(cavitation bubble)that vaporizes on implosion, reaching temperatures hotter than the sun.The implosion of the bubble is followed by a large sound.The shrimp uses this to stun or sometimes kill the prey.

  5. The snapping shrimp is the one of the loudest known living creatures. It has specialized claws that shoot jets of water at up to 62 miles per hour and leaving a trail of bubbles that explode at over 200 decibels — enough to stun and even kill its prey.

  6. The Terror Bird, a 10 foot tall bird that killed its prey by shattering it's bones and stunning it with its beak.

  7. Electric eels, in addition to stunning their prey, can remote control other fish's nervous systems by sending out a pair of pulses, or "doublets". These electrical pulses force prey in hiding to spasm and reveal themselves.

  8. The thresher shark uses its tail as a whip to stun its prey

  9. The Electric Catfish and its capability of generating an electric shock up to 400 volts, used to stun its prey

  10. Pistol shrimp can shoot bubble jetstreams to stun their prey by using their pincers

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Mantis shrimp can whack and crack a crab's claw with its hammer-like claws. It keeps doing this until its prey is smashed to pieces so that it can eat the inner flesh. The speed of the whack has been measured at 75 feet/sec, and the heat generated by this whack also stuns and kills its prey.

I learned about the Pistol Shrimp, capable of stunning its prey with shockwaves. Nature is amazing. - source

There is a shrimp that stuns its prey with a burst of sound underwater - source

The pistol shrimp, which can stun its prey by snapping its claw shut so fast it momentarily generates temperatures hotter than the surface of the sun

The tiger pistol shrimp, which snaps its large pincer incredibly fast to make a "bubble bullet". The bullet can go up to 62 mph, and causes a shock wave able to stun or even kill prey. - source

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