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There’s a Japan indoor vegetable-factory that produces 10,000 heads of lettuce a day while using just 1% of the amount of water needed for outdoor fields. LEDs emit light at ideal wavelengths for plant growth, while also optimizing night and day cycles, allowing lettuce to grow 2.5 times faster.

how does an led emit light?

6-10 billion light years away, there is a void in space 1 billion light years wide. It is completely empty of both normal matter and dark matter. It emits no detectable radiation or light of any kind.

Fluorescent lights tend to emit less of what color?

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  1. The foldscope. A microscope that provides magnification from 140X to 2,000X. It is assembled from a punched sheet of cardstock, a spherical glass lens, a light emitting diode and a diffuser panel, along with a watch battery. It is designed to cost less than US$1 to build.

  2. Including humans, all living creatures emit a weak light from their entire body in a process known as "biophoton emission."

  3. The Sun's emits more green visible light than any other color but we still see the color mixture as white. It only appears yellow because shorter wavelength colors such as blue scatter in the atmosphere, making the sky blue.

  4. LED traffic lights have led to car crashes and deaths in the past, since they emit too little heat to melt snow & ice which block the lights

  5. The Bobtail Squid stores bioluminescent bacteria in its underbelly that emits the same amount of light that shines on top of it, making its shadow disappear and rendering it invisible to predators below: ultimate camouflage.

  6. The human body literally emits light (like fireflies do), but 1/1000 times the sensitivity of naked eyes.The light emission is rhythmatic and peaks at 4 pm.

  7. Humans are bioluminescent and glow in the dark, but the light that we emit is 1,000 times weaker than our human eyes are able to pick up.

  8. In 2014 Japan debuted the world's largest indoor farm using LED lights that emit wavelengths optimal for plant growth; The upshot: grows 2.5x faster than outdoors; reduces produce loss from 50% to just 10% and cuts water usage to just 1%

  9. They detected a particle whizzing about at 0.999 999 999 999 999 999 999 9951 times the speed of light - with energy *20 MILLION* times more than the highest energy measured in radiation emitted by an extragalactic object! They call this the "Oh-My-God Particle".

  10. When you use laundry detergent labelled as a "brightener," it doesn't make the clothing any cleaner or restore its's actually a chemical combination that absorbs more light in the electromagnetic spectrum and re-emits fluorescent light to make the clothing appear brighter.

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What kind of light do humans emit?

Why does fire emit light?

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The star Betelgeuse, in the constellation Orion, is 500 times bigger and emits 16,000 times more visible light than the Sun. If it were in our solar system, its surface would extend to the orbit of Jupiter.

The crazy colors and patterns you see when you rub your eyes are called "PHOSPHENES." Researchers believe that this "biophotonic light" actually comes from inside of our eyes in the same way that fireflies emit light. - source

Night vision goggles emit a green colored viewfinder because the human eyes are more sensitive to green light as we can see more shades of green than most other colors. The green color is also less strenuous to the eyes which is why older computers had green displays. - source

there are brown dwarf stars which emit little to no visible light and can be as cold as - 55° to 8° F. They can be between 13 and 80 times the mass of Jupiter and fuse Lithium instead of Hydrogen.

Neptune emits more light than it receives from the Sun. - source

Atoms emit energy as light when?

The colors you see when you close your eyes are from a type of light emitted by them

How do atoms emit light?

Scientists have found a star emitting strange light patterns. Some have theorized that these could be due to structures built around the star by an advanced alien civilization.

A steno bacteria superbug may one day lead to sharper, brighter television and smartphone screens. An enzyme from the highly infectious bacteria has been used to create quantum dots — nanocrystals that emit various colors under LED light.

Nazi imagery is sometimes used in Thailand due to lack of historical understanding. For example, a herbal tea laxative in Thailand depicts Hitler's head with fire coming from his mouth, and light beams emitting from his eyes. The caption reads 'Release the Demon'

People emit light and they glow more at certain times of the day.

Light photons do not experience time. No time passes for the photon from when it is emitted from the star to when your eye absorbs it. As no time passes, it also does not experience any distance.

Atoms may emit light energy when?

The Hubble Limit represents the furthest observable objects in the universe as anything beyond it is accelerating away faster than the light it emits. Since the universe is expanding we could forever lose sight of the furthest objects.

Fireflies are able to emit yellow, pale red or green light (phenomenon called bioluminescence) thanks to the special light-producing organs on the belly. Males emit light to attract females. Intensity and pattern of light depend on the species. Diurnal species of fireflies do not produce light.

When he applied spectral analysis to the study of the Sun, he discovered that when light is passed through a gas, the gas absorbs those wavelengths it would have emitted if heated.

The colour emitted by a neon sign is determined by the gas contained within the electrified glass discharge tube. Neon gas results in orange light, mercury gas emits blue, hydrogen - red and helium - yellow.

Like many deep sea creatures, dwarf lantern sharks have bioluminescent properties. They possess photophore, organ which emits light, located on the bottom side of the body (on the belly and fins).

How much uv do fluorescent lights emit?

Fireflies produce "cold light". Unlike the light bulb which cannot produce light without heat (light bulb produces 90% of heat and only 10% of light), fireflies produce only light (they do not emit heat).

The origin of the term 'limelight.' When quicklime (CaO) is heated to 2,400 °C (4,350 °F), it emits an intense glow. This form of illumination is known as a limelight, and was used broadly in theatrical productions prior to the invention of electric lighting.

Detergent "Makes whites whiter!" by using an additive that absorbs UV light and emits it back as visible light that makes the clothes look brighter, and whiter.

LEDs not only emit light, but can be used to detect light..

The northern or southern lights occur when ions, protons, and electrons from space collide with the molecules and atoms in the thermosphere, creating high energy that emits light. These light displays are the northern and southern lights.

Scorpions glow under black light. Certain molecules in a part of a scorpion's exoskeleton absorb the UV light and emit it as wavelengths of visible light that appear blue-green at night.

1896 Becquerel's was studying the effects of light on uranium salts which he discovered that uranium spontaneously emits a type of radiation unlike the X-rays discovered by Roentgen in November of 1895.

Kirchoff was immensely important in the field of spectroscopy due to his formation of the three laws that outline the composition of light emitted by incandescent objects.

A reflection nebula looks blue because it is not able to emit its own light and reflects the color of stars nearby. If a reflection nebula exists it means that an emission nebula is close by.

Bubbles emit short bursts of light when destroyed by soundwaves in a liquid. This is called Sonoluminescence.

Completely pure, recrystalized LSD will emit flashes of white light when shaken in the dark

Humans are "bioluminescence" by emitting light photons but the photons are 1000 times lower than what we can see with our naked eye

The bluish light emitted when peeling apart scotch tape contains enough x-rays to x-ray your finger

Calcite is an example of a fluorescent mineral in that it can emit light when connected to a non-visible UV light.

Humans actually emit light (but very dim)

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