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About "turtle glass". Some states have laws that require coastal homeowners to turn off lights and draw curtains after 9pm because baby turtles migrate out to sea by moonlight and sometimes they get confused by lights and swim inland. Turtle glass is special window that doesn't reflect moonlight

how light is reflected from a mineral?

Blue eyes don’t have blue pigment and are instead blue for the same reason that water and the sky are blue: they scatter light so that only blue light reflects out

The angle of incidence at which reflected light is totally polarized?

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the angle of incidence at which reflected light is totally polarised?

  1. The town of Rjukan, Norway receives no natural sunlight from September to March due to the steep mountains that surround it. They've installed 3 large mirrors to reflect light into the town's square. The mirrors track the sun's path and move every 10 secs to create a 600m squared pool of light.

  2. Portuguese soldiers used black swords in the Age of Discovery in order to not reflect the light and announce their presence on ships, avoiding also its rusting when used near salt water.

  3. Nuclear bombers from the Cold War were typically painted white or with a white underside to reflect light from the nuclear blast it would deliver, the paint is called "anti-flash white"

  4. Gold is yellow, unlike its grey neighbors on the periodic table, due to Einstein's special relativity: the electrons are moving so fast, some over half the speed of light, that they have relativistic contraction, shifting the wavelength of light absorbed to blue and thus reflecting a golden glow

  5. A European engineer has created a liquid-filled, sun-tracking, energy-harvesting glass sphere is so powerful that it can not only collect solar rays as well as reflected lunar light. It can magnify this light by a factor of 10,000, turning illumination into heat energy.

  6. A thin layer of ice crystals, at right conditions, collectively act as a single giant mirror in the sky and reflects the light from the earth below

  7. The surface of Enceladus, the sixth major moon of Saturn, reflects 90% of the light that hits it, essentially making it a giant mirror

  8. NVIDIA digitally rendered the moon landing, which revealed why Buzz Aldrin seemed too brightly illuminated on the moon landing picture: he was illuminated by light reflected from the Moon’s surface and Armstrong’s spacesuit

  9. Fresh snow can reflect 80% of UV light and can cause "snow blindness" which is a painful sunburn on your eyeball

  10. There's a town in Norway (Rjukan) that's in shadow for three full months of the year. As a result, townspeople have built giant mirrors on the mountainside to reflect natural light on their homes.

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Streets are almost always wet in movies. Wet pavement is photogenic and the water diffuses reflections and helps eliminate shadows caused by filming equipment and light sources.

Red eyes appear in photographs as a result of light reflecting off the blood vessels inside the eyeball. - source

Blood turns green when 30 feet underwater, because red light cannot reach that far down so the green pigments in our blood are reflected back instead. - source

Ancient Greek philosopher Anaxagoras (510 – c. 428 BCE) was the first to posit that the moon reflected the light of the sun at night. There is a crater named after him near the north pole of the Moon.

The Mandarinfish is one of only two species in the world which can produce its own blue coloring. Other animals that appear to be blue such as peacocks, don’t actually produce a blue pigment, they have colorless cells which reflect light to make it appear blue. - source

What happens when light reflected refracted transmitted and absorbed?

Russia successfully put a giant mirror in space to reflect sunlight in order to light up Siberia in the dark winter months. A successful test in the early 1990s created a beam of light the brightness of a full moon and 7km in diameter, but the project was ultimately cancelled.

How is light reflected ks2?

Animals with blue pigments are extremely rare in the wild, and animals that are blue, unlike other colors which are caused by pigments, appear so because of structures in their bodies that reflect blue light.

Gasping for air in a high altitude environment, plus UV light reflecting off snow will cause the roof of your mouth to get sunburnt.

Light reflecting from the crystal faces and the cleavage surfaces of Augite reveals a very vibrant luster whereas the light striking other nearby surfaces are very dull luster.

The detector of an optical ceilometer, which is located at a specific distance from the projector part of the ceilometer, has a photoelectric cell that detects the light when it is reflected at the cloud base. The angle is noted which provides the measurement to determine the cloud base height.

Chief among these are the principle of white light being made up of a spectrum of color, and his work on the first usable reflecting telescope.

Light is reflected when?

CMY(K) is literally the inverse of RGB. Our eyes see transmitted light in RGB, but since paper doesn't transmit light, but reflect it, the inverse was needed.

Spines are covered with thin, paper-like sheath that can be tan, gold, silver or white colored. This layer reflects light and produces beautiful, colorful effect after illumination of jumping cholla with light.

Gold's color and low reactivity stem from relativistic effects exhibited by its s and p orbitals. Their electrons travel near the speed of light, increasing their mass and contracting their orbit while the d and f orbitals expand, absorbing blue light and reflecting yellow light back.

Because of the forty windows in Hagia Sophia it has become famous for the mystical light that reflects about the nave (the area where worshipers sit).

Aluminium reflects about 92% of visible light.

How light is reflected from the surface of a mineral?

Rainbows can occur at night (moonbows!), when the moon's light reflects off of moisture hanging in the air.

With a double rainbow the secondary rainbows colors are inverted, so other order is opposite. This is caused by the light being reflected twice on the inside of the droplet before leaving it.

There is a nebula called Gomez's Hamburger that looks like a space burger; the buns are light reflecting off dust, and the patty is a dark band of dust in the middle

The Blue Morpho butterfly gets its color not because of any color on its scales, but the way light reflects off of microscopic structures on its wings.

In 1875 he earned his PhD with a dissertation entitled, "On the theory of reflection and refraction of light" which built on James Maxwell's electromagnetic theory.

Most mirrors we use aren't perfect. In fact, our mirrors reflect green light, so they often make the objects in them have a greenish tinge.

Reflected light from Jupiter (apparent magnitude -2.94) is bright enough to cast a shadow. A young Canadian amateur astronomer even made a "Jupiterdial."

Large crystals cause schist rocks to reflect lots of light which gives it a very shiny appearance.

The color of the average mirror isnt white light or whatever its reflecting, it's green. Most modern, mass produced mirrors are made of a soda-lime silica glass with a silver backing. This combination of materials reflects more green light than other visible wavelengths.

A laser ceilometer sends a pulse of laser light to the cloud base. It is then reflected back and the ceilometer uses the amount of time it takes to reflect to determine cloud base height.

In 1704, Newton argued color was not an inherent property of objects because it is actually our minds processing the reflected light that wasn't absorbed by the object.

When you hold a buttercup flower under your chin, it doesn't light up because you like butter, rather because of the petal's unique epidermal layers, which contain a pigment that absorbs light in the blue-green region, reflecting back yellow.

That, during a new or crescent moon, when the part in shadow seems dimly lit, it is reflecting light that the Earth is reflecting from the sun, called Earthshine

A skyscraper in london that reflects and focuses light so badly that it sets things on fire

A reflection nebula looks blue because it is not able to emit its own light and reflects the color of stars nearby. If a reflection nebula exists it means that an emission nebula is close by.

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