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The Hope diamond glows a brilliant red for several minutes after being exposed to UV light.

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Our palms and soles of feet cannot tan like the rest of our bodies regardless of how much sun they are exposed to. This due to a thick layer of dead skin that prevents UV rays from being exposed to the living cells

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  1. A plant called giant hogweed. Its sap is extremely phototoxic. If you touch the sap and are then exposed to UV rays it will produce severe caustic burns. These chemicals are also known to bond with your DNA and kill it.

  2. A serving of Mushrooms will contain 4 times the recommended daily intake of vitamin D after being exposed to as little as 5 minutes of UV light.

  3. There a summer camp where the activities start at night for kids whose skin blisters when exposed UV light.

  4. Exposing a glass of beer to just a few seconds of direct sunlight can skunk it, because UV light reacts quickly with compouds in hops to create the skunky chemical and humans can detect it at four parts-per-trillion.

  5. Plants can get sunburnt when exposed to excessive UV light

  6. Fluorite glows when it is exposed to UV light.

  7. About the Shadow Rule: If your shadow is shorter than you are (around midday), you are being exposed to higher levels of UV radiation. Seek shade and protect your skin and eyes.

  8. Biological samples of lichen were exposed for 1.5 years outside the ISS to the combined impact of insolation, ultraviolet (UV)-irradiation, cosmic radiation, temperatures and vacuum conditions of LEO space.

  9. Scorpions glow when exposed to UV (black) light

  10. Cat piss glows when exposed to UV light and can be used in the cyanotype toning process(blueprints).

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What is the process that darkens skin when it is exposed to uv light?

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A new Technology of working with carbon fiber. It's called Forged composites. It was developed first by Lamborghini and about strontium aluminate a powder that glows after being exposed to UV light or sunlight. Found out there are rings made of both material.

Uranium glows green when exposed to UV light - source

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