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There is a species of ant from Malaysia which in order to protect its colony from predators, will reluctantly explode itself, spewing a sticky inedible goo with the hope that predators will get deterred by it and leave the colony alone.

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As a defense strategy, leopard tortoise releases urine and stored water when picked from the ground. This may deter predator, but it may also result in death out of dehydration, especially if it happens during the winter.

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  1. Cuckoo birds can be both parasitic AND symbiotic. The chicks of cuckoos that have crow hosts evolved a defense mechanism that deters predators, so the adult crows accept and raise the cuckoo because it protects the nest and the other crow chicks.

  2. Crested caracaras are devoted parents. Clucking sounds and sound of snapping the branches (both types of sounds are produced with the help of their bill) are used to deter predators away from the nest.

  3. Saw-shelled turtle emits strong smell to deter predators.

  4. Scientists believe that the Brontosaurus" tail was likely used as a whip to help deter natural predators. The sound of the tail when it cracked like a whip may have been their only defense.

  5. Olingos use scent produced in the anal gland to deter predators and keep them on a safe distance.

  6. Burrowing owls will imitate the sounds of a rattlesnake from their burrows to deter predators

  7. Mountain yellow-legged frog seeks protection against predators in the crevices of rocks, or under the branches and leaves. It releases garlic-like smell to deter predators.

  8. Western fox snake does not have rattle on top of its tail, but it produces vibrations that resemble rattling sound when it shakes its tail or when it moves it close to the leaf litter. Western fox snake also hisses to deter the predators.

  9. Eastern hognose snake uses another interesting strategy to deter the predators. It lays motionless on the back with wide open mouth and pretends to be dead. Impression of a dead body is further intensified with foul-smelling substance.

  10. Strophurus geckos can shoot a foul smelling fluid out of their tail over a meter to deter predators.

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The people of Sundarbans (India) used to wear face-masks on the back of their heads to fool tigers, which mostly attack from behind. This was based on the principle of Mimicry seen in certain species, which have eye-spots on the back to deter predators.[REPOST]

The Texas Horned Lizard shoots blood from its eyes to deter predators - source

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